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I posted this picture on my Instagram account and Facebook page today.

While there are plenty of times I know what I’m going to write about… there are equally as plenty times I sit before my computer… with coffee perched dangerously close to my laptop… and an empty brain.


Like this morning.

However, as luck would have it, I had my journal open next to my laptop… next to the coffee… opened to the page of today’s to-do list.

And then it came to me – TO-DO LISTS.


::crickets chirping::

When I shared the picture of my to-do list this morning a few people commented… not only on my washi tape (GO WASHI TAPE OR GO HOME!) (playing with washi tape may or may not enable my procrastination), but on the “Me” section of said to-do list.

My to-do pages have 4 sections/columns…

  • Home
  • Work
  • Me
  • Volunteer

I make a new list daily(ish). The items I don’t get done today will be moved to the list tomorrow, etc. and whathaveyou.

I found that when I kept a long, non-area-specific list, though I would accomplish things (or not, you know how it goes) whole areas were getting neglected. In this process of journaling and list-making I’ve discovered my brain just really likes to think in sections.

Also one veeeery long list is awful mean-looking! My mind prefers several shorter lists. Most important items in each section go at the top. I can see what’s most important better too. There are still the same amount of stuffs to do, but by breaking them into sections, my brain almost wants to make out with me is able to digest it all better.

An aside: though I do consider myself a “realist”, I find that when it comes to list-making I am more of an optimist. Go figure. I always put more on my list than is humanly possible. So… I do have work to do as far as setting expectations go.

My own “Me” list includes my journal time (quiet time… and to-do-list making time). It also includes, “take vitamins, make bed, drink water, shower, exercise”. Yes… drinking water is on my list.

I am ::this close:: to putting “breathe” on the list as well.

Yes, shower is on the list too. It makes me feel a bit like a 9 year old boy, but ladies… I know you know why that made the list. Honestly, it’s almost like I am giving myselfpermission to shower to have it on the list. I want one, often neeeed one, but with so much else to do, it’s a hard one to make time for.

“Make bed” is on the list too. I know… LAME. But I’ve identified accomplishing that mundane and much-loathed task really is gift to me. Just me. No one else cares. I don’t do it more than I do, but when I DO… I check that off the list and I feel GOOOOD.

No one can take that away from me. NO ONE.

In summary… Friends… don’t forget about YOU on your own to-do list. It’s easy to forget to take care of the things that fill our tank for the day. It’s OK to write it out, and then… you get to check it off. And that is like a little happy dance just waiting to be done.


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