Like A Druggie… Gettin’ Her Fix On.

by | Apr 10, 2012 | Parenting/Family | 4 comments

We’ve all seen the crime show here the Fuzz busts into a smokey, dark room. All the pot heads (I’m sorry if I am being multiculturally insensitive) are laying on the floor/couches/counters… They care not about The Fuzz, man… they just feelin’ the LOVE.

That scenario??? Not AT ALL unlike children … … … and the high they get from Easter candy.


candy is a drug

Lucy had been quiet awhile. I decided to go check on her.

I walked into the adjacent room… where I found a 7 year old girl, lying on the couch… in her own drug-like stupor.


And scissors.

I love it when I find her with scissors.


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