Life Well Lived: Looking Your Best

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I’m just gonna say it… Looking my best takes A LOT of work.



Doesn’t just happen.


But seriously…

If I could pass on one thing… ONE tip for looking one’s best… The one thing that works better than mascara or even lip gloss…



a smile

Funny how a sincere smile can distract from make-up-less-ness, dry skin, greasy hair, emerging crows feet, and the fact that one eye that is bigger than the other.

I have done some unofficial research on this, and smiling totally wins. I mean, it MUST work… for when I smile at someone, they usually smile back.

::some exceptions apply::

::the undead or those with hearts of stone::

Ooooooootherwise… a warm, sincere smile ALWAYS wins.

Of course, lip gloss never hurts. Nor moisturizer. That never, ever hurts.

I have also tested this theory in the field of photography. By and large, pictures in which I smile are the pictures in which I look my best. Sorry duckface…


You’re trendy, but so were wigs for men in the 18th Century

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