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It’s that time of the year again… PLAY season.

We are in the thick of production week. Here the kids are at dress rehearsal…


Did you just die of cute?!

They are performing The Big Bad Wolf… Trial by audience. Kids are so cute.

Speaking of kids, this is one of mine and me on a carnival roller coaster…


Someone asked me if my hand sign was obscene. I thought I was doing the “hang loose” sign. But honestly, I am not positive. I am not as “street” as I pretend to be.

Since this week wasn’t full enough, I started a journaling project with all 3 of the kids. Inspired by this post about mommy and me journals.


Oh! Here I am with the kids in the car waiting for the ferry. We played hooky from school… I’ll be sharing about why later this week…


Gus. He’s always around. Here he is tucked up into my armpit. Just chillin’ like a villain.


I have learned a lot of things since taking on homeschooling with Lucy, but probably the most learned lesson is learning that paying a little more for good pencils is worth every penny. Seriously. Go Ticonderoga or go home!

SERIOUSLY. I will never go cheap on pencils again.


On Mother’s Day (so this was a couple weeks back now), there was a special article in the newspaper…


And Gus. This time he’s making me feel guilty for editing video…


Speaking of video, if you haven’t checked out my Facebook page, I am adding daily videos there. So be sure to peek there if nothing has popped up here! My last video was about me in a doctor’s office. A number of folks have contacted me to make sure I’m OK. I am… Looks like there should be nothing to be concerned about, but getting a few tests run just to be sure. Thanks to all who have been so sweet and have sent sweet messages or called… You guys are the best people ever. EVAR. If there was a United States of JOTS… it’d be the best country ever!!! I wouldn’t want to be the President though. That’s stressful.

But we wouldn’t need a president, for all the goodness and love and whathaveyou.



OK…. I’m off to help put on wigs and help paint wrinkles on little kids’ faces. Whee!


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