Life, Paprika, the Ice Wizard, Wine, and Other Things That Are So Fascinating

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ALL the times when I can’t come up with words, I turn to pictures.

They say a picture is a thousand words, so…

This is Gus. You should know him by now. I think he wants me to take him for a walk. Or snuggle him. He’s rather co-dependent that way…

IMG_8730_edI had this brilliant idea to use an old canvas I’d painted yellow and go all St. Patty’s Day on it.

I thought it’d be SO AWESOME.

Now I feel it’s…. oh just fine. On the *meh* side of fine. Maybe it needs glitter…


I am not a girl who goes  GAGA over people. But there’s this one guy who’s in a band and goes by the name of Ice Wizard and he has the most amazing hair and he wears a white leather jacket…

IMG_8739_edThis was me trying to get a selfie with him without him knowing because I don’t want him to think I’m crazy or anything. But I guess I don’t care much if the rest of the internet thinks I’m nuts.

That picture doesn’t do a thing for my point. The photo below was the first time I *met* Ice Wizard… about a year ago.



You can’t not remember this guy. I wish you could see his boots in that picture.

I just wish I was half as fabulous as Ice Wizard.

Sans chest hair.

Speaking of fabulous… this is what you will find be doing most days anytime between 2ish to 7ish, Monday through Friday…

IMG_8778Sitting. Behind the steering wheel. Studying my Day Designer. Decoding the calendar and strategizing errands so I only have to make right turns. And blasting Rock Me Amadeus. Or RunDMC.

Seattle’s Best Coffee sent me coffee and I was happy…


There has been this orb in the sky that has been showing up a bit more often. I decided I should take a picture of it… They say pictures last longer.


We really could stand for that bright, shiny orb to last a bit longer around these parts.

My son caught this moment between Kevin and me. Kevin and I have this relationship… He is not to jump on me, though he loves jumping on people most of all the things in the world.

This is how it goes after he tries and I make it clear that jumping on me not acceptable. NOT.


And then there’s wine. And Converse. BECAUSE.

I started The Plan a few weeks ago. I have lost a solid 10#. I get wine every night (and chocolate) every night. Wine helps with digestion, so I am digesting:


The Plan is amazing. And a good deal of effort. My body is cool with gluten and rice and pork… but not so thrilled with potatoes, milk, and paprika.



Kevin and Gus took a little field trip in the neighborhood not too long ago.


I was all, “DUDES. DID YOU GO TO A KEGGER?” Cuz it looks like they have quite the hangover from their little adventure.

Oh look… more wine. I’m digesting. And helping with a craft.


Lucy has a tight leash on everyone in the family. She was told about a scary movie and now she won’t go anywhere alone. This is me still making her clean her room, but sitting outside her room because…. SHE WILL NOT BE ANYWHERE ALONE BUT THE ROOM MUST BE CLEANED AND I WILL NOT BE CLEANING THE ROOM.

The ALL CAPS implies my frustration.


I am a fan of polka dots.


I am also a fan of not being cold. Sometimes I wear these in my taxi-service. Again, I am not too prideful to share this fact on the internet, but I am too prideful to wear these into the store.


Because even I have a little pride.


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