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You are writing the story of your only life every single minute of every single day – Katharine Center 

How’s that for perspective?

I read this quote quite some time ago. Though the exact words do not live in my mind verbatim, the sentiment is alive within my heart.

I started this blog back in 2004, when a girl didn’t just tell anyone that she “has a blog”.

Though, even now, in 2012…  I get looked at sideways when I mention that I have a blog. AND EVEN NOW, there are some who ask, “What’s is a BLOG?”

When I began this writing adventure I started because of the pull of writing… and because I realized way in the backmost of my subconscience that I had stories. They were building up, getting lost in the millions of stories… and I knew I needed to get them out.

I often struggle with how to categorize my blog. Is it parenting? ParentHOOD? Lifestyle? Kinda food, occasional review, sometimes DIY, fashion, blathering, motherhood, photography, videography, womanhood, always chaos…

But as I read over that quote again, I see something. The stories I share here are about my only life… Days of this only life I get to experience, lament, and enjoy…

I think am coming around to my niche.

Not parenting.

Not womanhood.

Not video.

Not beauty and fashion.

Not DIY.

But storytelling.

I am telling stories that feature the characters and pieces that come together and make of the picture of life… my womanhood, and parenting, and crafting, and fear of glue guns…

A life.

My life.

I love Katharine’s quote because it releases me from a category.

I am a storyteller.

I know not all who read here have a blog… and that quote is not exclusive to bloggers. I love the quote also, because it pulls into perspective all of the doing that we do. Whether or not we are physically writing down our stories, we are still making a story each moment as we live. What does that mean to you? How does this thought resonate with you?



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