Level-Up Your Texts: From Bitmoji to Friendmoji for IOS

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Do you Bitmoji? Because I’m about to help you level-up your texts and go from basic Bitmoji to FRIENDMOJI. Well, at least for those of y’all using an IOS (Apple) device.

I guess I should really be asking, DO YOU FRIENDMOJI???

Let’s start at the beginning. This is a Bitmoji:

Do You Even Bitmoji
A Bitmoji is YOU, but an EMOJI YOU!

Bitmoji is YOU but cartoon-form
A Bitmoji is super-easy to make. You just download the Bitmoji app and follow the prompts until you have created an emoji version of yourself. You can select your eye shape and color, the size you your, um… chest… you can also select your face shape, and face lines/wrinkles, and outfits, and even lipstick color.

Which means you never have to wash your face… nor waste time putting on make-up!

Bitmoji characters never have to put on make-up
PLUS with Bitmoji you can try on outfits without having to deal with zippers or panty lines. Or worry about the muffin-topness of your midriff…

Bare your midriff with a Bitmoji
And FINALLY… I can wear a bathing suit in public!

Bathingsuit and bitmoji
With Bitmoji YOU CAN EVEN MAKE YOURSELF PREGNANT! Wait. That doesn’t sound quite right…

Make yourself pregnant with Bitmoji

But what is this FRIENDMOJI I speak of?

Slow down.

I know you are excited. I’m going to tell you right now!

Friendmoji is what can happen when you have three important ingredients in place:

  • You have an iPhone
  • You have created a your character with the Bitmoji app
  • You and your friend(s) have Snapchat accounts

Here’s what you do in order to text your pal and forevermore have fun in Friendmoji land:

  • Go to your texts, and pull up a friend who has a Snap account. This is my friend Lucrecer. She is awesome. You should follow her (Instagram | Website). She is an amazing photographer and the woman will make you laugh until you think you WILL DIE. You can see our most recent Friendmoji:
    Lucrecer and Jenny Friendmoji
  • Select the globe symbol (to the right of the”123″ button – see above) to navigate to your Bitmoji keyboard.
  • In the “Search Bitmoji” field you will see two light gray faces on the right of the field – click the facesHow to Friendmoji
  • Search and select a friend
    Select your friend to Friendmoji
  • Your Friendmoji options are at your fingertips for your next-level texting fun!
    Have fun taking your texts to the next level with Friendmoji

So. Do you even FRIENDMOJI?

To me, the biggest drawback is having to have a Snapchat account. I am not the biggest fan of the Snapchat app, but I do love me some Friendmoji.

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A How-To: From Bitmoji to FRIENDmoji

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