Learn How To Post 3D Photos To Facebook

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Have you see them?

Learn How To Post 3D Photos To Facebook

They are popping up everywhere on my Facebook feed:


TOOLS: Besides a Facebook account… you’ll need a photo taken in portrait mode. I found THIS ARTICLE which suggests a possible hack using select apps for those with older phones. I have not tested it, but if you don’t have a smartphone with a portrait mode option (newer phots have this capability), this could be a great work-around!

So here’s that info on how to post 3d photos to Facebook!

Step 1: Make sure you like the Facebook 360 page. It enables the magic. After I liked the page, the option to post 3D photos immediately became available… (I wonder if it will become available regardless eventually).

Step 2: Close out your Facebook app, then reopen it.

Step 3: Click on the posting field (“What’s on your mind?”). The drop down option menu will give you the usual options (photo, tag people, feeling), but you will now also find “3D Photo”. Select that!

Step 4: Your camera roll will pop-up… select one of your 3D photos. If you select a regular photo you will see:
How To Post 3D Photos To Facebook - regular photo

When you select a 3D photo it will start to render…

How To Post 3D Photos To Facebook - rendering

Step 5: Add a caption and post!

And that’s it! It’s super easy and straightforward! Give it a try and let me know what you think!

Learn How To Post 3D Photos To Facebook

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