Lettuce Wraps: I had you at “lettuce”…

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Actually, I am fairly certain I did not have you at “lettuce”, but “Lettuce Wraps” as a title leaves me wanting, so I threw that extra part in there.

You’re welcome.

But I did make Lettuce Wraps for dinner. TURKEY Lettuce Wraps.

That’s right…. TURKEY.

*bom chicka wow WOW*

I came across a recipe for Pork Lettuce Wraps here. I was all, “Oh… Yes please…”

But I made some modifications. Like using TURKEY instead of PORK.

I also couldn’t find Thai chili garlic paste… So I used chili garlic sauce. And rice wine vinegar? I just used rice vinegar.

Badda Boom, Badda Bing!

Turkey Lettuce Wraps

Here’s THE BEST PART of this whole dinner… the kids LOVED it.


Now they want Turkey Lettuce Wrap Mondays.

Um… I don’t even know my spawn anymore. And also, COOLEST KIDS EVER!

I also served corn on the cob because I wasn’t sure the kids would like the meat mix… and knew that at the very least they’d eat a lion’s share of corn on the cob. Hitherhencetofore – not starving… but miracle of all miracles — I am the Turkey Lettuce Wrap hero y’all!!!

Unrelated: Has anyone ever used lettuce leaves as a cape?


Veggies: I have had a WICKED hankerin’ for asparagus, oh…. FOR A YEAR, I don’t know… Who craves asparagus???

Me, apparently. I freak me out a lot little.

So when I saw those green guys at the store you better believe I snatched up a bundle. And then the yellow zucchini guys were laying in the bin next to the asparagus… looking all edible and complimentary to the asparagus, so I snatched a couple of those fellas…

When I got home I snapped the ends off the asparagus, sliced up the yellow zucchini, threw the broiler on high, tossed the greens and yellows in some olive oil & salt & pepper… and voila!

But the kids didn’t eat those. They ate corn. Aaaaaand TURKEY LETTUCE WRAPS.

And watermelon. YAY for watermelon!!! *smells summer appraoching* A little sweet for the tooth, and a little color on the plate.

The end.


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