Let's Take A Moment of Silence

by | Oct 26, 2010 | Life | 2 comments

sad little pumpkinSad Little Pumpkin

The moment of silence I request is not for that sad little pumpkin. But for this one.

Not that I’m sad.

Nor am I a pumpkin.

I’m old aging.

*raises fist to the beast that is aging and the associated cost to said aging!*

Tomorrow is the day that is traditionally recognized as the anniversary of my birth.

And since I will never again be younger than I am today, I thought I would ask us all to take a moment of silence… to mourn the passing of a younger-number… and also to think about how expensive anti-aging creams are.

I’m serious.

2 days ago it hit me. My new number. And my tummy got all twisty. And my wallet actually flinched.

I do not do this whole aging-thing well. I used to be the young one… Now I am the one who “looks good for your age!”


And in the end, this has turned into less of a Moment of Silence and more of a long-winded post that could be taken one of two ways… {please note I am not at all mathy}:

  • as a cry for help
  • a way to manipulate people into saying 23 28 32 35 38 isn’t OLD!
  • a way to manipulate comments such as, “You do NOT look a day over *insert your age-appropriate compliment here*!”
  • a pitiful way to get birthday wishes the day before one’s birthday
  • a pitiful way to get ANY birthday presents wishes
  • just a sad old woman with a blog

And also, I suck at wordless-ness and also the silence. I hear it’s a sign of aging.

*cups hand over ear and asks you to speak-up*

Let’s see…

This is not the last you’ll hear from me on this. Tomorrow, I turn to hope. I will share my life list. My “before I turn 40 life-list”… I can’t think past 40. Also, another sign of aging.

{photo deets for the curious: I took the above picture with my iPhone. I broke out the Hipstamatic app and used the Kodot film and John S lens. No flash. Then… I uploaded the pic to Piknic and added the VampireScope effect. I was unable to get the name of the pumpkin… May he rest in peace… clearly he won’t be resting in a pie…}


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