Free Valentine Printable! Lip and Mustache Lollipop Valentines

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Grab your card stock, scissors, lollipops, and class list…

Lip and Mustache Lollipop Valentines

P.S. Make an extra one, two, or twelve… hand out to a stranger or retail worker or bus driver and bring a smile/pucker/mustache to an unexpected face!)

I mustache you… Will you be my Valentine?

Firstmost… My Lucy said today, “I can’t wait to sell my VALENTIME’SES!”

I corrected, “You mean GIVE AWAY your VALENTIME’SES.”

DIY lollipop Valentine lips!!! via @jennyonthespot

I never want her to stop saying VALENTIME’SES.


DIY lollipop Valentine moustache!!! via @jennyonthespot

These are the Valentines my girls will be giving at school on Valentine’s Day.

No, this idea was not born from mine own brain cells. But I am pretty much a rockstar copy cat… I saw the idea for this fairly simple valentine craft on Pinterest… from this site here. But who really knows the birthmother of this fun little activity.

An aside: my mustaches and lips are REALLY big. You know what I always say… GO BIG OR GO BIGGER.

Not that you can’t figure this project out on your own, but in case you like a checklist, I will give you one. Because I love you. Never say I never showed you love. Well, you can totally say that. You can say what you want. I’m not the boss of you 😉

I digress…

You’re gonna need:

DIY lollipop Valentine lips & moustache!!! via @jennyonthespot

  • Scissors <– that brand is my new fave)
  • Pencil (for tracing)
  • Lip and mustache template (download link below)
  • LOLLIPOPS (I recommend Blow Pops or Tootsie Pops!)
  • A white gel pens or paint pen for writing on the card (or silver pen or whatever floats your creative boat…)
  • Sturdy black and red paper (my red is SPARKLY!) or that foam paper stuff (I am so technical in my crafting terms)

Oh, and…
DIY lollipop Valentine lips & moustache!!! via @jennyonthespot
A handy-dandy hole punch. THIS is THE MOTHER OF ALL HOLE PUNCHERS (buy here). I think there are 3 million holes puncher sizes on this baby. And it may or may not be used by master interrogators. Like I said, GO BIG OR GO BIGGER. Or…. have a friend who knows how to craft, so when she gives you crafty things for your birthday – she gives you THE MOTHER OF ALL CRAFTY THINGS… {{{waving to Sara}}}.

Oh, and here are the shapes of the lips and mustache I drew.

I suggest printing the templates on sturdy card stock. Or you can trace the printed shapes onto sturdier paper if your printer is temperamental with sturdier paper weights. Use this as your template to draw onto the card stock you will use. You can get quite a few of these on one sheet of card stock.

If you print these babies out full size you’ll have lips the size of a child’s head and a mustache the length of a undernourished anaconda. So, adjust accordingly and I’ll see you on the other side…

Free printable! Lips and mustache template for Valentines Day via @jennyonthespot

For FREE lips and mustache valentine printable template click here (or on image above)

Now that you have what you need… GET TRACING.

DIY lollipop Valentine moustache!!! via @jennyonthespot

Then cut mustaches and lips until your hands seize up. Or your kids’ hands seize. I am a bit of a freak about quality control so I did the cutting. You know, since 1st graders care so very much about the subtle curves on a ‘stache and such.

Punch a small low hole into the center of the mustache and a small center hole into le lips.

DIY lollipop Valentine moustache!!! via @jennyonthespot

DIY lollipop Valentine lips!!! via @jennyonthespot

Hand the goods over so the spawn can practice their handwriting…



Pop a lolli in the hole…

DIY lollipop Valentine lips!!! via @jennyonthespot

It took us about 2 hours from start to finish to complete about 50 handmade Valentines for 2 classes. Oh, AND about 75 of these Hershey’s Kiss Bling Rings… Really, when you think about the time a project COULD have taken, this was nominal. As of this writing, there are still 3 days left before the big day… hitherhencetofore YOU still have time to whip out a few of these bad boys before the big day.

Free Printables! Lips and mustache lollipop valentines

And in case I haven’t told you lately… I love you.



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