Late night listing-makings, 4 a.m., and the power of purple velvet shades.

by | Jul 20, 2011 | Life, Style | 3 comments

So… I could tell ya all about how tired I am.

I could add the part about how I feel misunderstood.


How I don’t know how to describe…


I am just finding I am in a strange, exciting and somewhat misunderstood work-life space.

Or maybe it’s just me projecting.


So instead of pubescent yammering about feeling misunderstood, I thought I’d sit here… with the interwebz at my feet fingertips and make a list or something.

  • I don’t think my kids have gone to bed before 11 all summer.
  • *hold me*
  • We had sunshine today. I am not a woman of moderation… so I got a sunburn. It is entirely possible that is all the sun my skin will see for another year, so… I went for it.
  • My peonies are dead.
  • Have you subscribed to my YouTube channel. That’d be fun.
  • I had a sandwich LOADED with pickles today. It rocked. Sometimes pickles really hit the spot.
  • I read this post by Burgh Baby today. It made me cry. Not that she usually makes me cry, but this post did. She also makes me laugh and want to use chalk more often.
  • My friend Andrea actually made her summer list. It’s creative and lovely… just like she is. I want to hate her, instead I want to touch her hair in hopes that some of her awesome will rub-off on me.
  • Carina said her dirty kitchen floor made her cry.  Ya know… my dirty kitchen floor made me cry too. But I don’t have a newborn.
  • It’s ridiculous, really.
  • And last week I lost my ever-loving mind in line at a large “always low prices” store… which then also made my 9 year old daughter cry.
  • I shouldn’t admit that.
  • But I did. Can’t go back now. Not in time, nor to that store. Unless I am in costume.
  • My hair feels soft today.
  • I like it when my hair feels soft.
  • I stayed out until 4 a.m. last Saturday Sunday.
  • Foolishness. PURE FOOLISHNESS.
  • Maybe it was the velvet glasses I wore all night.
  • ALL NIGHT BOOM.Out til 4 a.m. in my purple velvet shades
  • I bought Tonight Tonight tonight.
  • The end.


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