Kitchen Office Redo: Choosing Shelves & Decor

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I have a situation.

Kitchen Office Redo: Choosing Shelves & Decor

The office area in our kitchen that has been, shall I say… less than exciting.

Not that offices are ever exciting, but…

Original Kitchen office | Jenny On The Spot

When my dad visited a few months ago he removed country pear (yes PEAR) wallpaper border from the area (you can probably see that on the right side of the desk in the photo above).

Last week I mentioned to my husband that I thought that area would feel more exciting if the upper cabinets were gone. He suggested that if the cabinets were empty, that maybe sometime suddenly they might disappear.

Early this past week, I emptied the upper cabinets.

kitchen office cabinets removed



And then I tossed all family needs aside and got to painting…

kitchen office with new paint

An aside: I am currently still painting the kitchen. I Thought I could stop, but I can’t.

I plan to paint the desk cabinets. Eventually. Maybe in the Spring? I already have the paint. Sherwin Williams’ Sea Serpent:

Sherwin Williams Paint | Sea Serpent Blue

BUT let me back up. Since I know I won’t be painting the remaining cabinets for awhile, I will need to make the desk space functional ASAP. I am moving my “command center” from the hallway (that leads from the main living are to the kitchen) to the desk area.

hallway command center

My husband feels the whiteboard and cork board make the hallway feel like a doctor’s office… or waiting room. It really is handy, but not home-y. (That pic is from a couple years ago… my daughter painted the hallway recently so THAT area will be getting a decor facelift as well! I’m pretty sure Ia m going to fill it with photos!

So now you know what I am up to… let me present the problem.

I *think* I want an open shelf (or two or…), but I’m not sure if I want natural wood or white shelving.

Shelving options | Etsy

* Upper Left / Lower Left / Upper Right / Right Middle / Lower Right *

The above picture suggests I am leaning toward natural, but I thought I was leaning toward white! Hmmm…

I’m not sure if I want the shelves “floating” or not. There are some cute brackets I found on Etsy. I think I’m leaning toward some version of gold brackets. I plan to use gold hardware on my cabinets after they are painted.

Shelving brackets | Etsy

 * Upper Left / Lower Left / Upper Right / Lower Right *

I thought heading to Etsy would help, instead now I want 5 offices with open shelving to incorporate all the cute options available!

Keep in mind I am looking to add a shelf or two (the desk is 5 feet long), and a “Command Center”. Here is what I have so far thanks to the drug I call TARGET:

Target finds for my Command Center |
* Similar Letter Board / Clock / Bulletin Board / Similar Calendar *
Although, *THIS wall calendar I found on Etsy is SO cute!

I want the shelves to hold cute things like maybe…

Gold Elephant

Get this guy *here!

And some practical things like… cookbooks. Or a basket to hold print-outs of recipes since half the recipes I use are printed from the internet.

All that to say… at least one shelf needs to be 10-12 inches deep so I can use some of it for functional purposes. Maybe the shelves can be different depths??? If I have more than one, that is…

Yadda yadda yadda…

Should I go white shelves or natural wood? Should I go floating shelves or go with brackets? Should I go 1, 2, or 3 shelves. The width of the desk? Shorter? 1, 2 or 3 shelves? All the same depth or variable? Full-length or….??????????

kitchen office with new paint

Decisions, decisions… and I’m soooooo ready for this to be done already!

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