Kids Are Like Ferrets

by | May 13, 2008 | Parenting/Family | 4 comments

Kids are like ferrets.

We had 2 ferrets before we had kids – Sport and Molly.

Ferrets are stinky animals, even when they are de-stinked. And ours were.

Anywho… We would find all sorts of treasures in and behind our couches, or tucked into the darkest recesses of our home. We had one couch that had storage underneath. We would find magazines and socks and craft items. Basically anything that was left on the floor, would be ferreted away by the ferrets.

I wish I had taken pictures of the back of my van today. For a moment I though I may have given birth to a flock barrel litter business of ferrets.

Related: did you know the collective noun for ferrets is – business?

I’m not lying.

And I am not surprised.

In the van, I found pairs and part-pairs of shoes, wands, fossilized chicken nuggets, scraps of paper, sippy *blech* cups, crayons, crumbs and more crumbs, jackets, shirts, socks, soccer jersey, used straws, markers, fast food toys, hair clips…. a virtual restaurant, preschool, and clothing store on wheels.

One would think my kids leave the car naked with all the clothes I found stuffed here and there.

Therefore, that is why I think kids are like ferrets. 

The end.

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