KickstartED! Success!

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I am SO pleased.

No, I didn’t lose 12 pounds. I lost 9.

And gained a wardrobe.

Because friends, I was at a crossroads… lose a few (or many) or buy a size up.

I had tried for a few months to lose, say 5… with no success. In fact, I managed to put on a couple pounds because I grew so discouraged.

The Kickstart Your Weightloss Challenge with iVillage came at the perfect time for me. I NEEDED the extra motivation, the community, and the redirection to help me head back to the path I have slowly been wandering from…

What do I do now? My journey is not over. I’d still like to get rid of, say 5 more pounds. My struggle with food and weight began in second grade. It is safe to say that I will never have the luxury of not being mindful about my diet. But I end these 6 weeks encouraged by the results of my hard work.

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I don’t often toot my own horn, but I have to say… I worked hard. Those 9 pounds came off with good old-fashioned effort. And it’s going to take consistent effort to make sure they stay off. It won’t be easy, but thanks to this challenge I step into the upcoming weeks and months with momentum and edge.

I want to give a special thanks to the iVillage team for working to bring this program together, and to the coaches for their great tips and encouragement throughout the process! And last but not least, PROPS to my co-kickstarters Amanda and Stephanie. Ladies – *fist bump*… ya’ll rock. It wasn’t easy… Xoxo.

*Disclosure: iVillage is providing compensation for my involvement in this program. Views, experiences, cutting of veggies, choosing water over soda, dedication/will-power and grumbling tummy at night because I refuse to eat after 7 are all mine. Alllllllll mine.


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