Just Call Me Awesome

by | Feb 17, 2011 | Joel, Parenting/Family | 12 comments

Field trips.

Good times, no?

Last week I got to drive a group of five 5th grade boys to a field trip.

Before my son agreed I could chaperon, he had a few rules:

  • I wasn’t allowed to say, “WHAT UP MAH PEEEEEPS?!” as a greeting to my new 5th grade besties.
  • I wasn’t allowed to bust my typical “I’m drivin’ mah car” moves, either…
  • And I was strictly forbidden from playing Start Wearing Purple by Gogol Bordello.

Sheesh. He might as well have grounded me from coffee too.

The boys wanted me to play music loud, but somehow I managed to help them not notice as I turned the music nearly all the way down… You see, I wanted to listen to them laugh and talk. I’m so sneaky. And those are some good, funny boys.

*wipes tear*

And we had a wonderful time. I think my son described it as, “epic”.

It didn’t hurt that on our way back I kind-of broke the rules. Except it wasn’t a rule, but you know when you wonder if a rule exists, but it is just unspoken.

Basically, I took those boys through The Burger King and got them each a milkshake. It added 4 minutes to our return trip home and I was worried they boys’ mothers would be mad at me. But a lifetime of remembering the time Mom drove through the Burger Kind drive-thru and got milkshakes for all his buddies was worth the risk.

SO worth the risk.

As I passed the milkshakes back to the boys, the cautious boy of the bunch said, “But I don’t even know your name?!”

Could you just DIE!

Without skipping a beat I said, “Just call me Awesome.”

And they did… ALL the way back to school, at school, and little greetings since. Oh, and when my boy came up to me after school that day, his first words were, “Mom. You were awesome.”

time with my son

If only for one day… I will take it. And when he goes to counseling for all the NOT awesome I have inflicted upon him, we will always have that one field trip and Burger King milkshakes.


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