Jump Around! Jump Around! Jump Up Jump Up and Get Down!

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I have this friend I met online… say 2 years ago, or so.

I think she started stalking me first.

Or she admitted it first.

It doesn’t really matter. We are a story of internet fairy tales.

Wendy. Jenny. Boom.

After a couple of years of mutual adoration, we were handed an opportunity to meet, and our lives will never be the same.

Her name is Wendy Hagen – author of a book and a blog and a former child star…

And I knew she had been in the circus (OF THE STARS), so when she suggested we do jumps and toe-touches on the ferry to Seattle, I should have seen it coming…

Hitherhencetofore, it should come as no surprise we had a bit of our own 3 ring circus going all up on the 11:20 ferry from Bainbridge to Seattle one sunny Saturday morn in April…

(Disclosure: It is physically impossible for me to jump or dance with my mouth closed…)

And really, that Wendy created a monster. I don’t think I can ride a ferry without doing a herkie ever again. Well, herkie-ish.

Also and WARNING to visitors: if you come for a visit… do your stretches. I’m taking you for a ride ON THE FERRY!!!

P.S. I love Wendy.


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