Joy Unexpected: The Chore Chart

by | Feb 11, 2011 | Parenting/Family | 17 comments

Chores. The biggest not-fun word of all.

For years I have wanted to make the uber-awesome-crafty-yet-practical-and-oh-so-creative chore chart for me my children.

The smallest deed is better than the grandest intention. Hitherhencetofore… no chore chart.

So. The week before I headed to Blissdom… I. Had. HAD. It. Like I had never had it before.

Despite having an unimaginable task list… It seemed everybody was scheduling posts and being good business women… I broke down and made a stinking chore chart. It was an act of love to me, AND to my children. Really. You’ll see…

Here is the chore chart I drew with a ruler and a fine-tip purple Sharpie:

chore chart via @jennyonthespot


Not fancy. Not perfect. But DONE. I used a purple Sharpie because it was the only pen I could find, ya’ll. (If you want to print this chart, just click on the image and print it yourself, just make sure it’s in landscape mode!)

And/or/and… here’s another, more specific chart I also made here… it includes boredom busters, shall we say…

And, if I may brag, Olivia was VERY impressed with my line making. She also is quite impressed with my pancake batter stirring and egg beating.

I made copies and wrote each kids’ name at the top. I highlighted week-specific chores (older 2 trade a couple tasks each week) and taped 3 of these puppies to the wall.

No color coding. No magnets nor velcro. No smiley faces. Just DONE. And TAPED to the wall.

Desperate times, simple measures.

And you know stinkin’ what?! The smallest deed is INDEED better than the grandest intention.

The kids thrive in knowing what I expect of them. Of course they knew before, but BECAUSE I YELLED MY EXPECTATIONS AT THEM EVERY MORNING. Now. My expectations can be read, and checked off. Remembered…

When I returned from Blissdom, I found proof that I did right by my kids. Finally.

Chore chart of love

Her chart reads: Love Everyone, Bathroom with Love, Dishwasher with Love, Shower with Love, Lunch with Love, Love, Love, Love, Love, Love…

1 Corinthians 16:14, FTW! {Do everything in love.}

The other side of her chore chart has a letter… to me…

Dear Mom

Her heart is so heavy with love for me she can hardly walk. I love this girl.

I have been gone so much lately, so I made sure to leave some small, daily treasures for the kids while I was away. I left them something to open each day… a note, a Candy Kiss, and a little something else ranging from cheap-o plastic bracelet to bag of popcorn to share… Little money, big love.

And a chore chart. Which seems was the biggest gift of all. While I am utterly surprised, I am not surprised at all… The apples did not fall far from the tree.



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