JOtS and the Dog

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Let’s see…

I got a sexy new camera for The Christmas… and I LUH HER.

I am not a photographer. Nor am I a reader of manuals of electronics.

So I mess around.

With her… my camera… but not in a “back seat of the car” sort-of way.

To be clear.

Though, I will confess… there are times I want to make out with her because I LUH HER so very much.

*mwah mwah mwah!!!*

I appreciate how she easily snaps over my flaws. She is like the best of girlfriends… the way she filters light and makes my skin appear not as imperfect as it is…

Serious Jenny is serious.

I don’t know why I look so serious. I never know whether to smile or not to smile. I usually err on the side of smiling because the not-smile makes me feel like I look like a creeper. I look like I’m getting ready to steal that extra cookie.

I’m too chicken to steal a pack of smokes.

Plus I don’t smoke.

But I DO eat cookies.

Happy Jenny is happy!

Yes. Smiling is better.

But it’s easy to smile for Cami. That’s what I call her, you know… Cami, my camera.

I am all kinds of creative, y’all.

But can she fix my roots?

Jenny with roots.

Well, she is still a good camera.

Cami and I also took some shots of Kevin.

An aside: I stay so busy doing important things while the kids are at school.

Busy busy.


Kevin wanted me to be pet him and give him a bone. He did not want to me to take pictures of him.

He is such a private dog…

The dog just wants some love...

He was not happy with me…

Just a little love?

Not one puppy bit…

Love? Please?!

Happy Dog Not Happy:

I will cut you.

Take one more picture and I WILL CUT YOU.

But he didn’t.

Oh just take your stupid pictures.

He just gave up.

Good dog.


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