January. It was good.

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January was good.

Fast. Busy. Good. With splashes of surprise selfies of my daughters on my phone and DSLR.


There was coffee. Everyday. Usually homemade.

But not always…

eggnog latte

Because December was rather packed, we didn’t get to make our 2015 ornaments until 2016. We usually paint ornaments at the local pottery place. But this year we went mosaic.

Christmas ornaments

Sometimes the cream in my coffee is ICE cream.

coffee and ice cream

And sometimes (once) I spill my coffee and ice cream treat in the gutter… but not before it splattered all over the inside of the car. And a fair amount on the outside. I didn’t get a picture because I could only just stand there and weep.

January is the month we learned the Seahawks would not be going to the Superbowl. So that was sad. But it wasn’t sad to dress Gus up just a little…

Gus and Kevin

I did some chalkboard art. I drew it in the wrong direction on the board. Twice. Third time’s a charm!

chalkboard art

It doesn’t have to be January for this to happen:

kids and dogs... bedtime

It happens every night.

The high school football team’s banquet happened this month. I am blessed with much counter space in the kitchen, so on one Saturday in January a team of great gals came over and we cooked spaghetti for 250 people. And breadsticks. It was a busy day and this house has probably never hosted so many crock pots and roasters!

breadsticks for 250

(It’s been a few weeks and I am STILL finding little broken bits of noodles hiding here and there)

(Pictures of vats of cooked noodles look gross)

(As do pictures of 10 pounds of chopped onion)

I made it out of bed every morning this month – woot woot!

made it out of bed coffee mug

Here’s a photo of the dogs in the living room. This is erryday, all day with these two hooligans…

lazy dogs

And another nod to the Seahawks. And also coffee. Captain and Tennille… Seahawks and Starbucks, y’all.

Starbucks and Seahawks

It was cold, so boots.

Sorrel boots

Joel got braces.

getting braces

My sister sent regular texts and photos updating me on my baby niece Ella. ISN’T SHE ADORABLE?!

my niece

One night I had wine and sloppy joes and oven-baked french fries for dinner. The kids did not have wine with their sloppy joes and french fries.

wine and french fries

Lucy and I went to a coding class one Saturday morning…

Coder Dojo

My living room was clean for at least an entire half hour this month. I took a photo of it for proof.

a clean living room

I learned how to arm knit and made this scarf (my first) in about an hour. I did it one a Friday night. I know all the single ladies are jealous of my domestic life.

Yes, I am pretty impressed with myself.

arm knit scarf

I was asked to speak at a local women’s church ladies night out event. I talked about receiving compliments and tried to teach a few line dances. It’s been 25 years since my line dancing days. I’ll let that last sentence stand on it’s own merit.

I loved the drink station they set-up.

lemonade bar

Here’s another picture of Lucy in bed. I know that one day she will have her own home to create chaos in and I will miss this mess. I don’t miss it yet though 😉

tween room

More coffee.



I went to the doctor for my Well-Woman visit (#goredforwomen #yougogirl).

Jenny On The Spot - Jenny Ingram

I just got back my blood test results. Things look pretty darn good, but my Vitamin D and iron need some attention. As does my thyroid. My cholesterol is on the upper side of OK… nothing to worry about. And I expected it to be oh the high side as I’ve been eating more than my fair share of crap the last 2 months.  On that note: I broke out my favorite eating/living better resources just last week…

Whole 30 books

(It Starts With Food & Well Fed – affiliate links)

I’ll be working on my iron and Vitamin D levels in the coming weeks. The doctor ran a food allergy test as well. I should get those results in a week or so. When those come in, we’ll get a follow-up on the calendar to deal with anything that shows up and my silly, low-performing thyroid.

This is what happens when you let your daughters take your phone to the bus stop. Times 30.

kids and cameras

That photo burst is such a temptation for my girls. I am not going to share all of the pictures from their little adventure. Besides, most are very blurry.

And then there was the fifth grade field trip to the Museum of Flight. It was really cool.

Museum of Flight - Seattle

The class got to go on a Voyage to Mars! From the website “In this mission, your group is traveling to Mars to replace the crew of astronauts who have been living on a manned base for the past two years. In addition to landing on the Martian surface, the team collects and analyzes geologic samples and launches exploratory probes to the two moons of Mars.” It was SO cool. Lucy loved the experience so much, that is what she wants to do for her birthday. AND she wants to become an astronaut now.

An actress and an astronaut. Looks like Sandra Bullock has some competition 😉

Museum of Flight - Seattle

I got a really cool photo of a big group of kids in this shuttle, they posed as if they were floating. But since this is the internet, I can’t share it. But believe me – IT’S A COOL PICTURE.

I folded a lot of laundry this month too. But I didn’t take pictures. I don’t need THAT task to last longer.

I’ve also been battling a bit of a cold that ended up holding my voice hostage this, the last weekend of the month. However, before I could hunker down/hide away/rest-up… I had to get my son to the ortho to get a bracket reattached. And I had to get Lucy to the doctor for a tender wrist (big sis got herself a hoverboard, and Lucy fell off of it… yaywoo).


And how about one last photo of coffee. I am thankful for x-ray facilities that have coffee carts, because sometimes when a gal is sick and is able to coordinate two doctor appointments in one day for her kids at the last minute… the sick gal doesn’t get coffee until 2:30 – at the x-ray referral location.

coffee in a doctor's office

FTR: Lucy’s wrist is fine. Just super tender. I think the x-ray machine must have healed it 😉

I am also thankful for 25 minutes between doctor appointments so I can run into the mall and pick up an item I paid for at American Eagle that did not get put into the bag the night before. Even more, I am thankful for the pretzel place in the mall that sells pretzel bites, and cheese dip… my first meal of that day.

The next meal was Phó. *high kick*

I am looking forward to February. I’m hoping to add back a bit more exercise time… so if I remember to do a round-up like this for February, hopefully I will have some cool pictures of outside due to some exercisering, and maybe some food shots because I’m hoping to hop on another round of the Whole30.

WE SHALL SEE. I feel so motivated right now sitting in my bed and typing things.

Enough about me… Do you have anything planned for February?


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