iVoices Speak Out: The Royal Wedding

England’s Royal Wedding is this Friday… Which means there will be a cute new royal couple skipping about the royal castle! Always being on top of current events, the iViilage iVoices team saw an opportunity. An opportunity for dispensing WISDOM. Of course they asked me to be a wisdom dispenser.

What? I have opinions and stuff!

Of course, wisdom is best offered in a team… so in this video I am joined by a several fellow iVoices — Liz Henry, Sharon Rowley, Christine Candelaria, and Celena Gill. Go ahead, take a peek as we dispense *advice* for young William and the darling Kate.

Bless their hearts… the royal couple, that is…


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4 Responses to “iVoices Speak Out: The Royal Wedding”

  1. I like the comment about the key to a good marriage is chocolate. Totally agree. Good Job Jenny!

  2. You’re segments in this video were by-far the best and most entertaining….I love that your humor is not forced…..well done! That’s what they say in the UK instead of Good Job..I learned that when I interned at a school there…a far better way to give a compliment no? Well done! Well done! …ok, I’m going now.

  3. […] Lastly… in case you missed it, you can view my latest installment over at iVillage. Along with a few other iVoices, I offer advice to William and Kate. Because I should be giving […]

  4. You. Crack. Me. Up. “The honeymoon is over!”

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