It’s the little things.

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It is.

It’s the little things.

MOST of the stuff of life are the quick moments. You almost miss them.

These are a few of the little things for me lately. I like to think of these pictures as the moments when I pressed pause…

The simple things via @jennyonthespot
The simple things via @jennyonthespot
The simple things via @jennyonthespot
The simple things via @jennyonthespot
Squeezing the kids in for a picture under the Christmas tree for a selfie… Hot cocoa with Olivia after an exercise class – just us… Waiting in line for the ferry… A colorful clothing combination – the jeans fit again!… A sleep mask that works sleeping miracles… Snuggling and reading at home… On our way to find a place to sled in the snow… Snow boots at the bowling alley because the parking lot to the snow area was full… Pointing at my friend’s butt… Bowling shoes instead of snow boots… Splitting a Fat Smittys with my honey… Being silly with my friend… Not getting the shot with the husband because he is a jokester, but getting a better one – because he makes everything better… Like when he gets out the Rug Doctor and cleans our couch after a mess… Shoes in our entry – which means friends in our home… And my favorite hairstylist doing new things to my hair.

Little things win.

Every day there are little things. Be on the look-out for the little things… they kinda sneak up on ya!


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