It’s Taper Week!

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No, I’m not talking about the newest candle buy on Home Shopping Network… This is MUCH more exciting than that!

It’s Taper Week!

Over the last 3 weeks I have run approximately 69 miles, plus a little time on the stationary bike and wee bit o’ time on the elliptical machine at the gym… The 2007 Seattle Marathon (just HALF of it for me, thank you very much) is next Sunday, and I have been pushing myself these last few weeks in preparation.

My 12-mile-run was this morning, and the end of it marked the beginning of Taper Week! WooHoo!

This means I will reacquaint myself with fried foods, soda pop, pastries ease up on the training this week and stand on my feet all Thursday day to prepare Thanksgiving dinner.

Basically, the hardest part of getting ready for “the event” is done. Early the Sunday after Thanksgiving, I’ll head to Seattle, take a nice run through the city for a couple of hours (a.k.a. 13.1 miles) with Katie (maybe freeze a little) and head back home. See… that’s easy!

I was a bit anxious about today’s run. I felt a little discouraged after the 11-miler the week before. But lo and behold… today’s run was a really. nice. run. The rain started lightly falling during the last 2 miles, and started pouring as we finished stretching and hopped in the car 🙂 The hills were long and gradual, a bit much at times, but none mean enough to drive Katie and I to walking speed. We were both surprised how quickly 2 hours passed. Of course, we are both blessed with the gift of gab, and that girl is fun-nee. You don’t even know…

What seemed to work:

  • Ditching the vest made of the color not found in nature. Maybe it wasn’t the safest choice, but I was cooler and my pits were chafe-free. Katie protected us today.
  • I left the long sleeve shirt on. I usually strip down to my tank even if it is 40 degrees… The vest I ditched heats me up. The problem is, I am really not sure if the chafing has been due to tank rub or vest rub…
  • 2 pouches of Gu – one at 45 minutes and another at 90 minutes. Oh, and 2 electrolyte tablets at 60 minutes.
  • Plain water instead of added “energy” powder. Me thinks that when the Gu and powder stuff meet they get in a bit fight over who who is the boss of my stomach.
  • Running buddy. Time just slips away and those hills become a common foe to conquer.
  • Oatmeal for breakfast… No coffee. I like the coffee, but there is a wee bit of caffeine in the Gu I chug… I can consume a mocha post-race, with the added benefit of warming up…

I think that’s it. Oh yeah, did I mention… it’s taper week?!

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