It’s safe to come to my house for coffee again.

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Let me tell you something about me:

I don’t “do” fat free nor sugar free.

Well, sugar free with the exception of Coke Zero.

I’m all over Coke Zero like stir-up pants on legs in the 80’s.

Otherwise… gimme fat and sugar… and also muffin top.

*holds up sword of principles*

*arms jiggle*

But I digress.

Not long ago I had some friends over. As always, coffee was present.

As always, cream and sugar was offered. Except… my friends showed me something that caused me great distress:

fat free half and half is of the devilWHAT THE WHAT?



ThoughI don’t do fat-free, it seems mine own hands chose this carton-o-sadness when I ran into the store “real quick” to get more half & half.

Boo – hiss.

In my defense, it was not on purpose. Simply an honest, YET STUPID mistake.

*eyes go wild*

I was embarrassed.

Yet I was relieved.

You see, my drip coffee had been less-than delicious recently… and though I was aghast I had fat free half & half in mine own refrigerator… I was actually relieved the issue was not because my coffee-making skills had taken a nose-dive.


I am happy to report I have rectified the situation.

An aside: I don’t think I like the word “rectified”.

I am now proudly serving coffee the way it should be served… with whole, untainted half & half.

As we were.


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