It’s one or the other: Laundry vs. Dusting

I took a picture of my laundry room.

Is this what life has come to??? PICTURES OF MY LAUNDRY ROOM?!!!


So yes. This is what life has come to.

If there was a world record category for Cleanest My Laundry Room Has Ever Been… t’would be now.

I want to remember this moment…

A clean laundry room

And yes, my laundry room is an enviable size. *ahem* Which is not so enviable when  our laundry fills it’s enviable size. *cough*

Hitherhencetofore… may we have a moment of silence to honor this most wonderful moment.





Of course, I can’t do it all… So here’s a picture of my dashboard.



I will not show you a picture of any other inner-most parts of my van.

That’s personal.

And gross.

It would ruin us.

I respect our relationship too much.

Boundaries. They’re not just for the dating relationship…


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8 Responses to “It’s one or the other: Laundry vs. Dusting”

  1. Tracy Fisher says:

    I love, love, love your blog. Meg D. told me about you. I get the whole… laundry vs. dusting. I can’t figure it out either. Just when I finish one side of my house, the other is a mess, and when I finish that side, I look out at our overgrown lawn, and when I get my husband to mow that, my car needs cleaning out because I am carpoos… etc etc..haha.
    Tracy Fisher

  2. Hi Tracy!!! Oh thank you! And… then you must know I adore Meg with all my heart!!!

    I tell ya, yet another convo with the husband today about where to begin… every space needs attention. *le sigh*…

    Thanks for coming by… I’m off to visit you! 🙂

  3. BRAVO on the ‘lack’-o-laundry and thank you for showing your dusty van dashboard. I feel much better … apparently it’s seldom discussed in proper circles & I thought I was the only one who suffered from it! LOL Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  4. someday i will show you a picture of my laundry “room”, although i’m not sure you could even call it a “room”, it shan’t be today, for reasons i’m sure i don’t need to s’plain to you 😉 blessings….

  5. i’ll show you my dusty dash, too!! 😉 hahaha that sounds dirty! teehee…

  6. Tarrant says:

    Ha! I gave Denise a clean laundry room for her birthday. I kept waiting for her to take pictures but she hasn’t! You would think with an awesome gift like that…

    By the way, I have a sort of addiction to the Swiffer 360 dusters that somehow entered our house. They are perfect for running across the dashboard and making it look clean. (Curiously enough, they also pick up stray seat crumbs too.) Not that I dust anywhere else, but every few months I get the itch to do something about the dashboard and then wonder why I don’t more often.

  7. Celia says:

    Thank you – I look at my dashboard and sigh about the dust – but now I know there are others; guilt has fled!

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