Wearing Clothes Inside Out and Mirrors. And Hamsters. And Photobombs.

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Here’s a picture of my feet on the shore of the Pacific Ocean… at the Bacara Resort in Santa Barbara.

*I die*

Bacara Resort & Spa
I am so creative with writing something in the sand and taking a picture of my feet while a bit of water rolls in.

Nobody’s ever done that!



Sometimes I like to pretend I am a grown-up. You know, put on make-up and fix my hair and pretend I don’t trip when I walk or drool when sleeping on airplane/in a car/on my pillow every night…

When I am feeling especially grown up and fancy I take a picture of myself by the pool/beach… Overcast or not overcast…

I was livin’ large at this pool:

the pool
*I die*


A few moments after I took my “I am so cool lounging in Santa Barbara” picture… I realized I was wearing my swim suit bottoms inside out… which reminded me that earlier in the day I wore my shirt backwards for half the day, and not on a day I stayed home.


My winning never ends.

Friends, I can’t even blame getting dressed in the dark, BECAUSE I DIDN’T GET DRESSED IN THE DARK.


I could totally show you a picture I took of a pier while in Santa Barbara, high atop a bluff at the lovely Bacara… So romantic.

A pier in Santa Barbara
But if I only shared that picture, I would be hiding something. I can’t show you my beautiful pier picture without showing you the one I photobombed .

Yes. I photobomb my own pictures. Doesn’t everybody?

I have no idea
At least all my clothes were on right-side out!

I think.

I have no idea what I was saying. Probably, “BACARA BABY!”

Or… Oh I have no idea.

Last, but not least… my bathroom there had a tub. The tub had mirrors on both ends. MIRRORS!!!!

Tubs and mirrors

I’m worse than a hamster. Hamsters get wheels and tubes. Me? Just give me mirrors.

No, seriously…

Another mirror???

How could I resist?


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