It’s been fun, but GOOD WORD I miss my family…

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Sure… Harrison Ford and I had some good times…

SURE… the Lorax and I got to be cool and be chill…

The Lorax and Jenny

SURE… I got *this close* to Joe Jonas…

Joe Jonas and Jenny

And *that close* to Rascal Flatts…

Rascal Flatts

Even closer really… but someone else took the picture of me WITH them. And I don’t know where to find it and post it here for proof. And why do you need a picture of RF and me? When did you stop trusting me?

P.S. It’s 2 a.m. post-conference and I may or may not be suffering from conference-induced madness at this point.

OHANDHAVEMERCYONMYSOUL I got *this close* and *that close* to SO MANY far away friends… including but not limited to these pals that just make it impossible for me not to smile…


Me (duckfaced -HELLO!), Danielle (all squished and happy about it in the middleness) and Meredith (not squished, but maybe… whistling?).

Oh, and all the learning and inspiration here at Blissdom has been OFF THE CHAIN.

And the exhaustion.

P.S. My feet may never forgive me for the high-heeled crimes I have committed these past 3 days.

Who am I kidding. They will NEVER get over this.

All that to say… but GOOD WORD I miss my family!

I miss my family.

I miss my little family.

I can’t wait to get home an squeeze them to pieces.

That sounds violent and unloving.

Maybe that’s my feet talking.

I told you they’d never forgive me…


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