It’s been a little crazy around here.

Damatian fotobomb!From rehearsals (see above), to shows, to an extra-heavy workload (go figure and really I shouldn’t complain…), to field trips, to guilt for not volunteering at school regularly, to piles of laundry (clean and unclean) to errands and constantly packing and re-packing food/costumes for rehearsals/plays, did I mention workload?, and Lucy’s birthday, and the huz’s birthday… and thank goodness I bought myself a bosu ball… because, well…how about an illustration:

Me not going to the gym because I'm busyYou see, when it gets busy going to the gym is difficult. And for me, working-out is a MUST (long story, it’s not just physical)… SO I got a bosu ball so I can at least do a little at home. But the other problem is… food. When it gets busy I get to eating – bad stuff. It’s a rock-and-a-hard-pace kind-of thing. I need to exercise because I don’t have time to eat well, and I need to exercise on account of all the extra calories… See?

I eat bad stuff when I get too busy

Me + busy = NOMNOMNOM

*crumbs everywhere*

*mostly chocolate*

Can I tell you a little story?

Cool, thanks…

It’s about that first picture up there. I have a small and quick roll as an 80’s dancer in my kids’ play. Which means I have to dress as an 80’s dancer, which means… Let’s just say the little girls LOVE me!


“Your hair…” *eyes cross, mouths drool*

“Those earrings are so BIG!”


“Do all those necklaces hurt?”

“I want YOUR costume.”

“You’re weird.”

“What ARE you?”

O.K. So I am not popular with EVERYpuppy, but it’s enough for me. I wish I could have captured the moment before the above picture. I was standing in a sea (8 or so) of dalmatian girls… All asking questions at the same time… petting my hair, touching my bow, fingering/pawing my necklaces.

I think I really do know what Madonna has had to endure for YEEEARS.

I think I could handle being Madonna. So, Madonna, *call me*. I could be your stunt girl or stand-in or whatever.

I digress…

I have quite a few things going on here and about the web as well. I think the best strategy would be to just bullet point those babies.

* My adorable friend Nicole of Moments that Define Life did a Bloggy Idol Interview series, and wouldn’tchaknow I am one of her idols? I need to create a life list so I can start checking things off… I am joined by a couple of fabulous gals. If you’d like to hear more blathering about me, but not FROM me, visit Nicole. Besides – there’s a new VLOG… with a random birthday BALLOON.

* Did you know I’m a Culture Brat? I got to write about my all-time favorite mockumentary Waiting for Guffman over at Culture Brats this week!

* I am giving away a Woogie. Right here. You know you want to know what a Woogie is!

* I am giving away a GORG necklace from Robyn Rhodes (think area code 818, people)… Just in time for Mother’s Day y’all! Up at my review site!

* And a book – Super Blake and the Cavity Monster on my review site…

* And Freschetta. Giving away great pizza-ness and container-ness over on my working-hard review site as well!

* In case you missed it – my review & giveaway site is www.reviews.jennyonthespot.com

* I love you.

Whew! I need a nap. Or at least coffee. Yeah. Gonna get coffee. There’s no time for a nap! I gotta go get my costume on!

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8 Responses to “It’s been a little crazy around here.”

  1. I’m sure you really had to be talking into being an 80’s dancer. It was tough to say yes.
    So much fun!

  2. I’m just catching up and saw you linked up to me! The random balloon made the Vlog just sayin’ and you look great with or without makeup lady. You are a rockstar! I can’t believe you did the interview in the midst of all your own craziness – thanks for being fabulous!

    • Jenny Ingram says:

      Aw… I love ya girlie! And just know you are on MY list for interviews, once I get my act together (don’t hold your breath… gotta another busy week ahead!) {{{big hugs}}}

  3. JennyBean says:

    Love your drawings! The “Me, Busy Me, and Coping Me” could be another Jenny, and this one doesn’t have a bosu ball!

  4. Tammy says:

    Wow! You have been a busy girl! You are going to need to rest up girlfriend! Happy Weekend (even if it’s almost over…sniff, sniff!)

  5. Delita says:

    Love your drawing.

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