It’s been a little crazy around here.

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Damatian fotobomb!From rehearsals (see above), to shows, to an extra-heavy workload (go figure and really I shouldn’t complain…), to field trips, to guilt for not volunteering at school regularly, to piles of laundry (clean and unclean) to errands and constantly packing and re-packing food/costumes for rehearsals/plays, did I mention workload?, and Lucy’s birthday, and the huz’s birthday… and thank goodness I bought myself a bosu ball… because, well…how about an illustration:

Me not going to the gym because I'm busyYou see, when it gets busy going to the gym is difficult. And for me, working-out is a MUST (long story, it’s not just physical)… SO I got a bosu ball so I can at least do a little at home. But the other problem is… food. When it gets busy I get to eating – bad stuff. It’s a rock-and-a-hard-pace kind-of thing. I need to exercise because I don’t have time to eat well, and I need to exercise on account of all the extra calories… See?

I eat bad stuff when I get too busy

Me + busy = NOMNOMNOM

*crumbs everywhere*

*mostly chocolate*

Can I tell you a little story?

Cool, thanks…

It’s about that first picture up there. I have a small and quick roll as an 80’s dancer in my kids’ play. Which means I have to dress as an 80’s dancer, which means… Let’s just say the little girls LOVE me!


“Your hair…” *eyes cross, mouths drool*

“Those earrings are so BIG!”


“Do all those necklaces hurt?”

“I want YOUR costume.”

“You’re weird.”

“What ARE you?”

O.K. So I am not popular with EVERYpuppy, but it’s enough for me. I wish I could have captured the moment before the above picture. I was standing in a sea (8 or so) of dalmatian girls… All asking questions at the same time… petting my hair, touching my bow, fingering/pawing my necklaces.

I think I really do know what Madonna has had to endure for YEEEARS.

I think I could handle being Madonna. So, Madonna, *call me*. I could be your stunt girl or stand-in or whatever.

I digress…

I have quite a few things going on here and about the web as well. I think the best strategy would be to just bullet point those babies.

* My adorable friend Nicole of Moments that Define Life did a Bloggy Idol Interview series, and wouldn’tchaknow I am one of her idols? I need to create a life list so I can start checking things off… I am joined by a couple of fabulous gals. If you’d like to hear more blathering about me, but not FROM me, visit Nicole. Besides – there’s a new VLOG… with a random birthday BALLOON.

* Did you know I’m a Culture Brat? I got to write about my all-time favorite mockumentary Waiting for Guffman over at Culture Brats this week!

* I am giving away a Woogie. Right here. You know you want to know what a Woogie is!

* I am giving away a GORG necklace from Robyn Rhodes (think area code 818, people)… Just in time for Mother’s Day y’all! Up at my review site!

* And a book – Super Blake and the Cavity Monster on my review site…

* And Freschetta. Giving away great pizza-ness and container-ness over on my working-hard review site as well!

* In case you missed it – my review & giveaway site is

* I love you.

Whew! I need a nap. Or at least coffee. Yeah. Gonna get coffee. There’s no time for a nap! I gotta go get my costume on!

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