"It was fun believing."

My 11 year-old son doesn’t believe in Santa anymore.

He figured it out about a year ago two years ago… more, probably. I don’t really want to know… *maternal weeping*

The same with the Tooth Fairy… Now when he looses a tooth he hands it over and says, “You owe me.”

We laaaaaaaauuuuuuugh…..

Recently Joel and I whispered a conversation about his Santa present. He is always careful not to “blow it” for his little sisters. He elbowed me and spoke out of the corner of his mouth, ‘And when I say ‘Santa’, I mean YOU.”

Then comes the guilt.

For the lie.


The YEARS of LIES!!!

Would he ever forgive our parental deception? Our LIES about a non-existent chubby man – with which he was made sit on the lap of AND take pictures with?


The horrors!!!

I had to ask. “Joel… How do you feel about the fact that we pretty much lied about Santa? Do you feel like we deceived you?”

Of all mercy on the earth… my boy. His eyes twinkled as they met mine. The corners of his mouth formed a smile that melts a mama’s heart, and I swear his mind went back to Christmas morning when he was 4. He spoke… his 11 year-old smile warmed his voice,

Not at all, Mom. It was fun believing…

my joel

Merry Christmas all… here’s to believing… and to hope…



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8 Responses to “"It was fun believing."”

  1. Nicole H. says:


    thank you, i needed thar. my son is only 20-months so our santa adventure hasn’t even begun! however, i always wonder… plus i have friends that are dealing with this. they went and purchased photos @ icaughtsanta.com, wrote fake letters, PHONE CALLS- you name it… “mom…. stop. it’s over. plus, i get made fun of in school if i DO believe…” – how sad! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your sons response tho. That was EXACTLY how I felt when I finished figuring it out. I was actually upset I wouldn’t believe anymore and recollected on my time as a believer- didn’t even have a chance to think of my parents as pathological liars. Santa is a duty we have as parents- if ONE parent in the school system releases the truth – that student tells his peers. Peers tell siblings and cousins. Cousins take that info. to their system!!!!

    I’ll end it on that note…


    * nicole

  2. Aww cute kid.
    Merry Christmas Jenny! Hope you have a WONDERFUL day tomorrow with your family!

  3. La Rae says:

    If I blink, the tears will – never mind, sometimes it’s best we just let ’em flow… a good warm up I suppose before candlelight service tonight with the kidlets singing Silent Night! ANYWHOOO, Merry Merriest of Christmases Ingram Family!

  4. Becky says:

    …your son, my daughter. We had the ‘Santa talk’ last night. I think it’s that classroom – they have been discussing the Santa issue in depth. I think the 5th graders have just decided to grow up this year. Made me sniffle…

  5. Michelle W. says:

    My 11 year old girl said “I believe in Santa. It’s nice to have something to believe in”. How’s that for guilt for a non-religious family?

  6. Nanette says:

    No surprise that your sweet family has a sweet, sweet boy.

  7. Wifey says:

    Oh, he ROCKS for that! I needed to that – thanks for sharing! Hope you and your family are enjoying the holidays!

    Winks & Smiles,

  8. why is my 25 year old son and single father so adamant that his almost 3 yr old dau shall not believe anything that isn’t ‘real’? he happily believed in santa claus until age 6-7? he happily gave his life to Jesus who never gave him a christmas present like santa did. he happily fell in love although it couldn’t be seen tasted touched or categorized?
    this grim world and the cares thereof. at least he doesn’t buy into the money myth either. sigh. i love santa claus. and jesus. hope where magic can be found.

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