Irony: Thoughts on cutting one’s finger on a cookie box and subsequent exercise.

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One night recently…

I remembered (a special thanks goes out a particularly fierce tummy growl) I had gone to Trader Joe’s and bought a box of Jo Jo’s.


Unrelated, never go shopping hungry.

*eyes go wild*

Aaaanywho. The box sat in my pantry… unopened for 3 days.



In a moment of remembering (rare) I remembered said box-o-Jo Jo’s.

I made haste to the pantry.

And whilst opening the box…

I cut my finger on the cookie box.


I should have taken that as a sign. But then I was pretty sure I earned a comfort snack.

And herein lies The Irony:

I went to boot camp  (a.k.a self-inflicted PUNISHMENT) the next morning.

At said boot camp there is a great deal of sweating and an inordinate number of push-ups.

P.S. I do man push-ups, FYI. Toes. Not knees.



Cut on finger + sweat + push-ups = Late Night Cookie Karma

The moral of the story…

Oh heck, let’s just do one of those “choose your path” type of endings…

  1. Don’t get into the cookies, or…
  2. Don’t exercise.

In either case — No pain… NO BRAIN.

working out feet

And now, not only does my finger hurt, but the rest of my body does too.

Next time? I’m going for a cupcake.

Or a carrot.

No… a cupcake.


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