Interview With A Friend: Lisa and I and the BFF Tag

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Neither I nor my friend Lisa were tagged to do the BFF tag.

But I saw MamaKat did it on her YouTube channel, and Lisa is always game for anything… so I sent her a Facebook message and she was all, “I’m have a good hair day today!” And I was all, “I put on make-up today!”


Lisa is truly the nicer, more outgoing person. She is also very much like Mother Teresa. But without the head covering.

It would be tragic for her to hide that awesome red hair.

I remember in college, I roomed with my life-long BFF… Jen. We are still friends today. She is actually more a sister than a friend. I would say that about Lisa too.

But college… Jen and I (yes, 2 Jen/Jenny/Jennifers rooming together – cruel and awesome in one fell swoop) participated in a roommate game that our dorm put on. It was a “Which Roommates Know Each Other Best?” game.

Jen and I met when we were… 3? 4? Most of my childhood memories involve her. Bikes and neighborhood dogs and sleepovers and throwing Barbies in trees and standing and spinning on her mom’s pottery wheel as we escaped from Narnia.

Childhood BFFs(I’m the one in the terrycloth jumpsuit and HUGE glass. Because apparently… I owned the 80s.)

She moved an hour away around the summer before 8th grade. She passed her Saturday job of cleaning combs and brushes at a local salon to me. We stayed connected during our high school years… writing letters, enduring long-corded long-distance phone calls, and getting together here and there to go cruising and to lament and dream about boys and such.

Aaaaaanywho… one would think with our integrated and close past – we’d know each other.

Much to our and EVERYONE’S dismay… we came in dead-last in that roommate competition.

Jen lives down the coast – a couple of states away. I wish we lived closer so we could do this video together. I think we’d do better on this one. College was a bad time. We really do know each other… I just think we were re-inventing. As college kids do. Hey Jen… maybe we could fire up Skype?

So. How do you think you and your bestie would do on this?

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