In which we party at T-Mobile in downtown SEA! #TMobileSummer

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In case you missed it, I had the privilege to host a little event over there at the T-Mobile store in downtown Seattle.

I love EVENTS (a.k.a. PARTIES).

The purpose of the event was not only to introduce some of the really great apps T-Mobile has for families to help keep their kids safe, but… to be honest… it was also a time to meet-up with some awesome local social media peeps.

Seattle is so the place to be.

But an event isn’t an event without FOOD, right?

food rocks

But food does not an event make… What about THE PEOPLE?!

And also prizes…

TMobile event, Seattle

T-Mobile gave away two phones, a SpringBoard and a few fun summer gift baskets. Like, GOOD baskets.

It was fun to see friends in THE BIZ  *flashes blogger gang sign*, and the T-Mobile reps made it fun to learn (see water wings and giant pink glasses) about the apps they have created to help parents keep kids using mobile devices safe… such as:

Family Allowances: A parent can set limits on downloads, minutes and texts. It also allows a parent to disable the phone during chosen hours… like, say at night or during school hours. RIGHT? Right.

Lookout Mobile Security: Worried about memory phone loss? Worry no more! With this app, you can find it. They use MAGIC. Wait. Technology. AND, this app backs-up your data so if your phone really is gone, your data is not. MAGIC.

MobileLife Family Organizer: From shopping to calendaring to to-do-ing… this handy app helps bring your many feet to one organized space. Say you sned the hubs to the store and you remember you forgot to add green onions… just add it from your phone and VOILA!

T-Mobile FamilyWhere: Is Johnny really at the librabry, or is he geting his second quad-shot venti? This clever app helps parents keep tabs on those busy kids who sometimes lose focus. You even get a text when your child arrives at their destination

Web Guard: Two words: PARENTAL CONTROLS. One word: IMPORTANT.

For more information about the many products T-Mobile has to offer, follow this link of awesome T-Mobileness. And I would be remiss if I did not let you know how to find T-Mobile on Twitter aaaaaand on Facebook! Both are great spaces to keep-up with T-Mobile and their cutting-edge technology.

BY THE WAY… don’t forget… I am giving away a T-Mobile SpringBoard! But hurry… contest ends June 17!!!

*I have partnered with T-Mobile in this summer safety program! This is a sponsored post. All opinion is mine and mine alone. Information about T-Mobile and their services has been provided to me to use in this pos


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