In Which Real People Win!

I have stopped posting giveaways and reviews on my separate site and moved over to here because.. Well … I just did. OK?!

I am trying to simplify, is that so wrong?

Aaaanywho. I need to figure out my strategy for letting everyone know there are WINNERS around here… so until I get all strategerized, I wanted to let you know we have some winners in the house as well as 2 giveaways that wrap up tonight.

I feel if I show you there really ARE winners, then you will be motivated to enter. Also, some may need to reassured that when you enter a contest here… you email stays with me. I do not sell your email.

Nor your identity.

Just in case.

So… I have 2 giveaways that wrap up at midnight (11:59) TONIGHT – Wednesday the 7th!

And the winners…

I love doing giveaways because every time I email a winner, the response is always so lovely and gracious and often accompanied by a sweet, or tear-jerking story.

I don’t love doing giveaways because I am a sappy old hag and I really, really, really want everyone to win. So while I rejoice for my winner I scroll through the comments and think about the other great comments… or click about on their blogs and… It’s bitter sweet…

But SWEETNESS… when I told Sheila she won a $250 gift card compliments of American Express, she wrote an entire post… And a beautiful post indeed… if you have a moment, I encourage you to discover the loveliness that is Sheila – here.

And I just got to let Emily of The Krossoroads she won the Say Antthing contest. So… she gets to burn the husband’s law school books afterall… right Emily? *wink*

Lastly, here’s a picture of my dad and me.

Because. I feel it’s winning too. Love my dad…

dad and me

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4 Responses to “In Which Real People Win!”

  1. hey jenny, this is jo (from this is my other blog, i am going to be visiting from here from now on at east for a while. i am trying to get this blog hooked up with blogher!

  2. jubilee says:

    Congrats to the winners! You dad looks as fun as you are!

  3. Emily says:

    YAY! I’m still bathing in the froth of being a Winner! Thanks again, Jenny!

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