In which I was NOT naked. I can prove it.

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Have you ever had one of those days taken/seen one of those pictures?

You know… the one with the underwear on the floor. Or the overweight old guy in a speedo thong in the background of your awesome shot on a California beach?

Or somebody is picking their nose, or dirty dishes, etc, and whathaveyou?

So… it was almost not April 1st. And in order to fulfill my photo-a-day obligation (to me) I needed to take a picture according to the theme “YOUR REFLECTION”.





  1. I hadn’t showered in {unnamed number of} days.

I think that’s plenty enough reason!

I took a few pictures. BECAUSE (let’s be honest, here).

And, truth be told, I was in my bathroom. Getting ready for bed. And used the bathroom mirror. Which reflected not only my collection of robes (I run cold, OK?! At least I don’t have a collection of Snuggies… OR DO I???)….

Aaaaanwho… the mirror also reflected a bra I had hanging up on a hook, so I thought, “I’ll just get in tighter and by the Power of Instagram I will crop that bra out!”

This is the finished product:

I'm not naked, really.

I was happy with it. The focused landed more on my phone than me, which helped distract from my filth.

But then my friend Kami was all, “Naked!”

And I was all, “Whu?”

And then I was all, “HUH?!”

And then I was all, “OH. SNAP. STINKIN’!!!”

To prove to you I was not in fact nekkid, here…

bad reflection

Oh. That’s wrong.

How about this one?

reflection photo FAIL



I was wearing clothes!

Somehow I feel that in my effort to prove one thing… I may have proven a completely other thing, which may or may not be a good thing.


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