In Which I Thank You and Digress.

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I would like to take a moment to thank The Academy the onlinez. More specifically, YOU.

Yes, YOU. I see you sitting there, looking all svelt and tan. I see you winking at me sipping that coffee… feeling proud of your accomplishment.




Voted for little-‘ol-me. Your effort has made Jenny On the Spot King 5’s Best Parenting Blog in Western Washington!

Best of Western Washington

It’s all about You, baby.

Making it allllll about Me.

I would be remiss if I did not take a few moments to share about the wonderful women who kept me company during the voting period…

In spot #2 – Katherine of The Hysterical Mommy Network. Please swing by her space. Say “hi”… read her story. Katherine is a mom and 5 year survivor of Inflammatory Breast Cancer. A woman of strength and courage sharing her unique journey along the way. I hope to meet you sooner than later, Katherine…

In spot #3 – Carrie of Stop Screaming I’m Driving. Carrie and I have not met face to face (how is that Carrie?!)… But we have developed one of those little online relationships that the non-onlines don’t get, but I know most you you know what I mean. Carrie is hilarious and refreshing… and good people.  When you stop by Stop Screaming I’m Driving, give her a *fist bump* for me…

In spot #4 –Laura of From Stage Dives to Station Wagons… Talk about how parenting changes a girl! The journey of a mom working hard to balance it all… Oh that balance! Pop on over and check out her journey!

And spot #5 – filled by the one and only Wendy of Let the Dog In. Wendy is a fascinating woman with stories to tell. She is a friend and lives close enough for us to be able to have coffee, but*insert chaos here* it has not happened anywhere near often enough. We are both contributors at The Mom Squad and hunker down on the west side of Puget Sound. I hope you stop by Let the Dog In, and take in her wit, charm and lovely photography.

There were 4 other nominees… the full list can be found here. This is just a snapshot of the rich community we have here in Puget Sound. I am surprised there were not more on that list. I can only imagine next year!

Now. I feel I should be “paretning-ish”. Ya know… tap into my fount-o-wisdom re: successful parenting.

Stop laughing.


Here is a top 10 5 list on how to be a better survive the parenting years, at least up to age 11. Because my oldest is 11 and just as I HAD NO IDEA when it came to actually BEING a parent once I gave birth… I know I HAVE NO IDEA when it comes to actually BEING a parent of a teen. I am getting glimpses, and wondering if the time my 3 year old boy bit another kids’ face really might have been a cake walk compared to what may come…

I digress. A top 6.

  1. Accept the fact that once you think you have an issue “nailed” (hitting, defiance, putting shoes in the shoe bucket)… just count on the fact that the “claw side of the hammer” will pull that “nail” right on out.
  2. Be consistent. But make exceptions.
  3. Failure is a parent’s middle name.
  4. Billions of us have the same middle name.
  5. Don’t let that cute face fool you… kids are ALWAYS up to something.
  6. Pray they are not UP on the counter, placing a paper towel over the fun new candle. I’m serious.
  7. Remember… no counter/island, even if it is the size of a king size bed will keep a curious toddler from climbing atop and getting to the aforementioned candle, even though the candle is set so far away from a child’ reach… even Mom has to climb on the counter to reach it.
  8. Keep in mind — they watch what you do. They do what you do. Say, for example… climb on counters and “pway wif a candwl wike Mama.”
  9. Paper towels can be good…and also very bad, depending on their purpose. Additionally, paper towels are quite flammable and they catch fire over a candle’s flame… they look like flaming snowflakes falling UP.
  10. ********

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