In Which I Prove That Coffee Is Sexy

by | Sep 28, 2010 | Life, Video | 3 comments

coffee is sexy

Justin Timberlake ain’t never brought sexy back like this.

Now this is HOT.

Just sayin’.


In other news… MAYBE someone you know is one of the new iVoices on iVillage. *ahem* I am SO excited to join a team of 14 other women on a project that I am passionate about… Stories are everywhere and this is a wonderful opportunity to share local stories beyond the ears of local coffee tables or coffee shops! If you are curious – visit this link to learn more about this fabulous project and the great women sharing from their communities!

And I also want to thank you for moving me from #2 (my kids call that POOP) to #1 (they call that PEE, but… let’s not focus on that) in the current standings for best parenting blog of Western Washington. But I am not out of the clear. Over 2 voting weeks left. SO… if you want to practice your voting skills for the Fall – I am helping you here. Just go here to practice voting. This is all about you. Really.


Tell me how you take on the day – for a chance to win a $100 Visa gift card!


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