I Look Like A Jonas Brother

by | Jan 12, 2010 | Joel, Parenting/Family, Style | 21 comments

I had to head out to a meeting this afternoon. Before the meeting, I picked up my son from school. As we walked to the car he asked, “Why are you dressed up?”

In Which I Look Like A Jonas Brother

I was all, “I’m going to a meeting…. and want to look professional-ish, yo. Do you think I look professional?”

My son smiled, giggled and said, “Yeah. Or you look like a Jonas brother.



I think my kid was wrong. I kinda think I look more like Zac Efron hanging out with the Jonas brothers… Do you agree?

jonas bros

Actually, it is rumored by the kids around town that Joel is the one who resembles  good old Zac E…


But to tell you the truth, upon further inspection… I suppose I COULD pass for one of the Jonas Brothers.

With two outstanding differences: I’m curvier and have better hair…

Jonas Much? jonas-brothers

Of course it’s possible  I look more confused, but less angry.

I think we are all wearing black nail polish though.

I have said before that I think I kinda dress like a teenage boy. But I was mostly joking. 

I guess the joke is on me.


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