In which I go reality TV in a vlogging sort-of way: The DAILY SHOT with JOTS

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I’m going reality TV, people.




I’ve been doing a daily vlog for a few (or two?) weeks over on my Facebook page. It’s a lot like reality TV, sans the TV, the film crew, the hot men/women in hot tubs vying for a one on one date, the final rose, and manipulative editing for dramatic effect.

And copious amounts wine consumption. But I can work on that.

OK. So I guess, it is nothing at all like reality TV.


It’s a daily under 3 minutes (ish) vlog capturing random life moments.

Usually no make-up… or if I do have on make-up… my eyeliner is schemered because I am like a 2nd grader when it comes to rubbing my eyes and stuff.

This daily vlogging has already been an interesting process… like trying to vlog when I have absolutely no interest. Or when I am cranky. Or sad. Or overwhelmed. Or unwashed.

But what I like about it is it pushes me to move beyond those feelings that tie my spirits down. It forces me to pull my head out of my butt out of the funk, and often times it helps shift my day… to stop the rock kicking and get my mind on a different path.

Go figure, ehh?

As of today, I decided to house the videos over on YouTube, then link them up daily (M-F) on my Jenny On the Spot Facebook page. Occasionally one may make it’s way here, but if you would like to follow along either subscribe (free) to my YouTube channel or click that little “like” button on my JOTS Facebook. The plan (at this moment) is not to feature the dailies here. Yet.

I have no idea.

You know how I am.


Here’s the one from today:

In case you can’t tell, Lucy like purple. And to steal my limelight.



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