In Which I Go On A Little Bit About My Spawn

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I mean, my kids.

Because as much as they make me CRAZY…

my crazy-makersThey make my every day.

Do you remember our family photos of 2008?


May I remind you?

family pic

le family3 time’s a charm?


But I love them. I love the conversation I had with Lucy recently:

Lucy: Does the Easter Bunny have a car?

Me: Uh… pretty sure he hops.

Lu: He ONLY. HOPS. ???

Me: I think… yeah… pretty sure, baby…

Lu: Well does he WALK?

She is 6 now… and her understanding of the practical world is starting to collide with the lies we’ve told her imagination. It is SO much fun to watch her learn.

My Olivia. I love how I can tease Olivia and she “gets” it. She snorts when she laughs… Her little twisted sense of humor is awesome and far more developed than many adults I have had to endure…

And her cartwheels.

She exhausts me with her cartwheels. Yet, she amazes me… her energy. She reminds me of me when I was a little girl. I LOVED doing cartwheels too… so much power and freedom to fling one’s body, yet be in control. But she is stronger and more mature.

And Joel. I have less and less that I can write about him in this space. The age of Facebook and girls with crushes who express their emotions via snark, bite and teasing leaves me with a short story-telling leash. I remember chasing boys I had crushes on, but I do not remember being mean.

I am confused, a touch ticked, and also discouraged. I am fairly certain some of those girls read this blog for teasing ammo. Today I was grilled by a few of these girls… looking for ways to tease my boy. Young ladies… DON’T MESS WITH THE MAMA AND DON’T MESS WITH HER BOY.

I will take you down.

But my boy… again. Laughter. Humor. Wit. And charm.

One evening he was finishing up dishes and I asked him to shift gears and do something else. He said,

I want to finish this for you mom… I am practicing to be a good husband.

So girls, I hope your daddy is building up a good dowry, cuz this boy is worth a MINT.

One of my fondest childhood memories were the times around our dinner table. My parents have always been funny people… and we spent many-a-dinner-time laughing. As my kiddos get older, I am seeing those moments happen at our dinner table.

Or the time in the car recently where the kids were each showcasing their most obnoxious laugh… I had to beg them to stop or I’d have had to pull over. They had NEVER made me laugh so hard. Ever. And it almost killed me. It was awesome.

All of that to say this… I love them… the good, the hard, the everything… I love.

May your Easter be blessed, my friends.



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