In Which I Dodge a Bullet… I Mean, Rocket. Literally.

If you read yesterday’s post, you are aware of the fact that my ankle is in disrepair, shall we say.

walking boot

I am happy to report, however… that, though it is still slightly swollen… I have reason to believe I will be able to run in the Ragnar Relay in 7 days. No really:


Today I utilized a borrowed set of crutches and a walking-boot-thing. I iced my ankle at random and Ibuprofen-ed religiously. How smart am I?

I am so smart I tagged along with my chauffeur for the day to her kids’ rocket camp rocket launch. It was there I took my crutches onto a very not-flat field of unkempt wild grasses. And rockets. Ya know, cuz if anyone can outrun a rocket on crutches — it would be Me.


*insert tempting fate here*

Basically there was a 2-part rocket with a part that disengaged (video below)… I am not a rocket scientist, so excuse my lack of proper rocket-anatomy vocabulary. The rocket piece DID disengage — above us ME. The girl with the crutches. And a *special* kind of luck.

I remember looking up… I remember watching a bright orange rocket piece choose to chase me. I remember asking myself a number of questions:

  • Do I ditch the crutches and run for my life?
  • Will this be the end of me?
  • Do I ditch the crutches, risk injuring my ankle further, and cover my head?
  • Do I thrash the crutches wildly over my head, but risk injuring my ankle… but save my head?
  • Do I drop my iPhone?
  • Do I go forward?
  • Do I go back?
  • Do I…
  • Is the reason I don’t run the Ragnar not because of a sprain but because of DEATH BY A ROCKET?!!!
  • What the… ???!!!

No. Not kidding…

And because my friend Lisa (and chauffeur-extraordinaire) is such a good friend… the sight of me frantically HOBBLING FOR MY LIFE was so funny concerning… she peed her pants.

And what a pair we are… Miss Hobble and Miss Pee-Pants.


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6 Responses to “In Which I Dodge a Bullet… I Mean, Rocket. Literally.”

  1. jules says:

    And to think, that used to be an activity we did with ALL of our sixth graders AT ONCE. Great idea, Teachers!

  2. Lizulfisa says:

    Technically I was wearing a dress, so I did not pee my pants, but tinkled in my panties. You looked so hilarious, but yes.. you were also the target. It was prolly the part that had the spider in it. I did put you in danger, but girl….. I always give you material for your blog! Love you!

  3. jennie says:


  4. Andrea says:

    So funny! You’re a gem!!! Love to laugh (at) I mean- with you!!!! Lisa! Classic!

  5. cali says:

    hahahaha… i mean *clears throat* sorry your ankle is messed up. hope it gets better soon 😀

  6. You take super good care of yourself missy or I’ll have to come up there. Please don’t run on a hurt ankle 🙁

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