In which I answer a hot, burning question: A vlog

by | Apr 12, 2011 | Video | 13 comments

My friend Lisa asked…

Burning questionBeing the vlogger, that I am… I decided to answer her question, vlog-style.

How about you? Do YOU have any questions I can “answer”. Operative phrase being, “THAT I CAN ANSWER…” If so, ask away! We can be all *air quotes* Dear Abby *end air quotes*, but without the expectation of getting advice thatishelpful.

To be clear, if you need help… seek a medical professional. If you are bleeding, please call 911 or get a band aid. If you are sleepy, seek coffee. If you have dry skin – drink plenty of water and put on some lotion.

Wow. It’s fun to give advice.

Oh, and a reminder, my name is not Abby… so it would be less “Dear Abby” and more “Dear Jenny On the Spot”, or “Dear Jots”… or or… “Put Jenny On the Spot!”

That’s it, Put Jenny On the Spot! (My husband came up with that. He has these cute little moments of being clever. It’s so sweet to see him shine. But enough about him… back to me!)

So on with it! What are your burning questions? Looking for advice, opinion… perspective?

WHAT??? Alright, you can stop laughing now. Let’s just pretend.

O.K. I’m gonna go sit over here and wait… just me with my lip gloss, microphone and computer cam… and coffee. Maybe my dog Kevin. His paw is on my lap right now. He’s so co-dependent…

Or, I may be in bed. I’m unpredictable like that.


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