In Which Cleaning = HAPPY. I’M SERIOUS.

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For quite some time I had been dating… casually… select items from a cleaning product line.

Maybe you’ve heard of METHOD?

Method bottles

I have recently had the opportunity to take my relationship with Method to the next level… not unlike the coveted hometown visit on The Bachelor.

Except there were no awkward interrogations conversations with sisters, brothers, besties, aunts nor anybody’s dad.

Which wouldn’t have been a problem. Dads LOVE me.

I digress…

But there were balloons.

Method balloons

more balloons at Method

Love the baloons.

And there was hand washing.

I wash my hands!

HAPPY hand washing.

coconut grove

This was my Favey Faverson handwash scent… Coconut Grove.

::be still my senses::

And the rest of the day we all walked around with our hands in front of our noses…

happy ladies, happy hands

I challenge you to not keep your hands in front of your face after washing with one of the Method soaps.

It’s impossible.

I will have a number of opportunities in the coming months to tell you about the deepening of my love for Method… to share my experience with using Method hand wash and granite cleaner and laundry detergent and bathroom cleaner and and…

But today I want to share a little about the heart behind the awesome-smelling, colorful-looking, happy-making line of earth-friendly cleaners.

I spent a day with the People of Method, and I left not only with very nice smelling hands, but a very happy feeling in my heart.

Since I am a fan of lists, here’s a list listing why I am excited to part of the Method family…

  • Their stuff smells good.
  • In fact, as I sit here I can smell my clean kitchen table. I wiped it down with the wood cleaner stuff tonight and… OF ALL THINGS GOOD AND RIGHT.
  • ::breathes in::
  • Their stuff LOOKS cute.
  • Hey, I am not all about appearances. I know not to judge a book by it’s cover, but… c’mon… CUTE WINS.
  • ::pulls out mirror::
  • ::checks teeth for lettuce::
  • Oh, small detail… They care about our earth.
  • ::nods wildly::
  • I learned quite a bit about their passion for creating products that are good for the orb we live on and that’s good people right there.
  • Even their packaging is thoughtfully designed with our tender Earth in mind.
  • It’s a lot of work to be mindful of earth health and I have to give the Method family some serious props.
  • ::giving serious props::
  • They want to help us shift from cleaning being a chore… to cleaning being happy.
  • Happy.
  • HAPPY.
  • Love the Happy.
  • Method = Happy
  • IIIIII AM… a genuine believah. (Please say that like Ulysses Everett McGill (George Clooney) from O Brother where Art Thou… for effect).
  • Has anyone ever told you how adorable you are when you talk with an accent!

Tune in early next week when I get to share Method’s new Anthem video (hint: FUNNY)… right here! I may even show you a very personal picture of a wild  man who appears to have just emerged from the dark woods sitting next to a duck-faced gangsta-chick.

I know. Sounds odd. But I promise it will all make sense.

Or it won’t. You know how I am.

Until then… clean happy! I will not only be cleaning happy, but I will also be trying to keep my 6 year old from digging for worms in the compost bin. She wants a pet worm IN THE WORST WAY and we just added some to the compost bin a few days ago. I may need a couple extra bottles of hand wash, ehh?

P.S. Poor worms.


*This post sponsored by Method. Kind-of. This is not technically one of my “official” posts, but we are in a relationship.  I am genuinely excited and a wee-bit tickled to have had the title, “Method Maven” bestowed upon my humble blogpersonhood… (Whaaaaat?! I’m HUMBLE!)… and to be recognized as one of the newest memebers of the Method family. Yes… FAMILY. They said family. I guess our “home town visit” went well!  Here’s comes crazy Aunt Jenny!!! P.S. All opinion, insight, digression and list-making are my own.


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