I’m With the Band. Ish.

by | Aug 11, 2013 | Life | 2 comments

I’m WITH the band… not PART OF the band.

I’m married to one of the guys in the band, so…

I'm with the band!

Go Garage Heroes Go!

Does that make me a roadie or a groupie.

I find it is very gray line.



I think I’d rather be a roadie.

Garage Heroes in KIttitas

The guys were invited to play at the Kruisin Kittitas Car Show and Burnouts.

Kruisin' ittitas Car Show and Burnouts

We got to see the cars of the car show/parade…

Kruisin' Kittitas car show and parade

But we didn’t get to actually see the burnouts. I WAS SO BUMMED!!!


Anyone want a sandwich?

Fishing worms, tackle, and pre-made sandwiches

I got a granola bar and a Diet Coke.

And a sunburn.

Holy cow it was hot out there in Eastern Washington!

But fun.

Lots of fun on our first road trip with the band…


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