I’m spending time in my TempurPedic, ya’ll!!! [video]

When TempurPedic called and said things like, “Bed… sleep… comfort… ERGO system…”

I was all, “I AM THERE!” Because, friends… If I am good at anything, it’s sleeping.

I am good at sleeping

So now I am sleeping on TempurPedic’s newest product – a TEMPUR Contour Signature mattress and TEMPUR Advanced Ergo base.

My own TempurPedic

“Ergo” means the bed goes up and down and VIBRATES and stuff. I figured the best way for me to make you jealous understand how great this bed is would be via video… You know, invite friends and strangers into my bedroom, if you will.

If you watched all the way through, then you know you need to come back next week… If you did not watch all the way through, then you do not know WHY you need to come back next week. So. In a nutshell, watch it already!

I am such a stinker!

A stinker with an awesome bed. And an awesome giveaway. That may or may not be a clue.

*This is a sponsored post. TempurPedic has given me a bed with which to review and keep. Opinion and effective parenting (see video) are all mine…


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11 Responses to “I’m spending time in my TempurPedic, ya’ll!!! [video]”

  1. Anke says:

    Uhm… would love to watch it, but the video is private….

  2. Stasha says:

    I was just leaving a comment on someones blog saying I want to get one of these. I cannot see the video but I have a good sense to know that if you say I should be back I will!

  3. hey psst Jenny video says private….:(

  4. Stacey says:

    You know…winning this future contest will probably make “the move” all that much easier. So really this whole “will they or won’t they survive in Portland” is in your hands. No pressure:)!

  5. I aching back said it would totally tongue kiss that bed. I’m not exactly sure how that kind of thing happens. I tend to turn a blind eye to what my aching back is doing, well, behind my back. But it said it would. My stomach said it would sleep well on it. My stomach doesn’t want to see what my back’s doing, either.

  6. Michelle W says:

    Hyperventilating over here!!!!
    I soooooooo want one. I LOVE being in bed.
    I might not ever get up though.
    Dilemma Dilemma.
    Oh I’ll deal.
    Hurry with the contest!! *drool*
    Is it waterproof? I may just drool on it.

  7. Jenny love your jammies! Can’t wait to hear about the contest.

  8. Kerry says:

    woopdie-doo! That is one FABULOUS review of the Tempurpedic bed 🙂 I love that it has TWO remotes and I love the massage thing – oh heaven.. I love that little cute kid that brought you breakfast in bed too, what a cutie 🙂 xx

  9. I’m coming back. Why? The bed flipping resolves sibling conflicts! I’ve got four kids… Mama needs conflict resolution. And a good night’s sleep. 😉

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