I’m in a list-y kind-of mood.

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But I am also feeling as scattered as a thing that is very scattered, so I don’t have a theme. So, as are most of my lists… And really it is not so much a list as it is numbered ramblings.

  1. I have writer’s block.
  2. I have TIME BLOCK.
  3. I have 101 + 1000 things I’d love to write about or create video of/about/around/under… but the time…
  4. WOE IS ME, THE TIIIIIIIIME… *dramatically places back of hand on forehead*
  5. I’d love to tell you about the time my son was suspended from school last spring…
  6. So I could tell you to spend less time teaching your kids about the danger of matches… because apparently a magnifying glass, a leaf, several boys and more leaves can put one’s son at risk of being labeled an arsonist.
  7. I could write about how instead of editing a video right now, I am typing this. But I wouldn’t want to state the obvious or anything.
  8. As much as I love video, I really love to write.
  9. Not profoundly.
  10. To be clear.
  11. I just have a lot going on in my brain.
  12. Writing is a lot like cleaning out one’s pantry.
  13. Or underwear drawer.
  14. Or…
  15. Speaking of underwear, my little one has enough pairs to cover the patooties of a small nation… yet not a clean pair is to be found.
  16. I just stopped typing for a few minutes to look at a few photos as they uploaded to iPhoto.
  17. Bet you wouldn’t have known unless I told you.
  18. I am not a betting woman.
  20. I don’t read magazines much anymore. An ideal evening for me would be a glass of wine, my laptop and my browser set to Pinterest.
  21. Pinterest makes me feel like I have good taste.
  22. And potential.
  23. To spend.
  24. And the potential to spend beautifully, might I add.
  25. Let’s see… Whatelse…
  26. Ah… “whatelse” isn’t one word, but it kinda-sorta should be.
  27. Here’s a picture of a hot dog being cooked over an open fire:hot dog

And here’s a sketch of that hot dog:

sketch of hot dog

And here’s what that hot dog would have looked like in the 60’s:

hot dog in the 60s

And here’s the hot dog in a Santa hat:

hot dog with a santa hat

And here he is if you had night vision goggles:

hot dog with night vision

And here he is with a tattoo:

hot dog with tattoo

And here he is posing with a mountain goat:

And here he is with a moustache!

hot dog with a stache

The End


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