I’m a Decider: Decisiveness in 2014 or BUST!

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I am not kidding.


I cannot decide.

Either I have identified too many things I need to work on or I just need to commit to the word that I keep coming back to but still leaves me wanting…


I’m not kidding. I have never written 4 full unpublished posts on anything.


Though I want to work on being balls-to-the-wall-ballsy and lose 10 pounds and never talk negatively to myself again and see IRL friends IRL and be gentle with my kids in our morning routine…

I keep coming back to decisiveness.

The art of deciding.

I have long said I am a bad decider.

I hate it.

Decisiveness involves scheduling. It involves weighing people’s feelings. It often involves money. Or worse…. CREATIVITY NOT INVOLVING A GLUE GUN.

Also…decisiveness is not easy to type.

A bad typists nightmare.

I digress.

Within this one word there is a world of things:

  • • deciding to be ballsy…
  • • deciding to eat vegetables…
  • • deciding to not compare my apples to others’ oranges…
  • • deciding to make friend time…
  • • deciding not to yell at the kids…

The consequence of not deciding is I separate myself from ownership.

I GIVE AWAY ownership.

Sure, it saves me something in the moment. But I lose out in the end.

Others get the only date available because I couldn’t decide.

Others land the awesome projects because those bad boys are riddled with a web of decisions.

Honestly, it scares me. I have built a life around not deciding. I have even told my husband I pray my future daughter/son-in-laws don’t have moms who are good deciders… I don’t want to be part of wedding planning with another person’s mother who is quick to decide!

PLUS? I am seeing this indecision take root in my children.



I need to show my girls how a strong, confident woman makes decisions, yo!


Confidence plays a big role in the art of decision. So part deux of this decidery-resolution is nixing the negative talk. The negative thinking changes my view of my abilities and when I question my abilities I delay decisions because I don’t want to reckon with the demons of my inadequate self…

And you see that?

What a mess.

While there  are a million things I can improve on. This year, I decide to work on deciding.

There. It is decided.

Deciiveness in 2014. Take that.

But I can still change my mind. Right?

What was my word for last year? You can read about LOVELY here. Maybe later this week I should do a little update on LOVELY.

I guess I should make a decision on that.

Maybe my issue is with commitment.

I can’t decide.

I heavens. 2014 may be a long one.

Do you have a word or a resolution? You don’t have to. My personality like goals and lists. What about you. What is moving you forward in the new year?

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