Ignite at Evo – Ignite Your Inner Sparkle.

Oh people.

It’s up.

*that’s what she said*

I went to the Evo Conference last weekend and… LOOK… they let me be on a stage with a MICROPHONE!

For serious. A MIC.[photo cred: Justin Hackworth *insert bowing here*]

And why did I have a mic? On account of the fact of… I don’t know. They asked, I said yes. The pull of the mic is strong… If you’d like to watch and listen. You can.Β But I’m not. I can’t watch. Even as I type it makes my chest hurt. Yet… here I am embedding the video code…

By the way… My daughter Olivia and I made the body glitter I gave during the presentation. We made 400 – 10g bottles of body glitter (aloe vera gel + glitter = body glitter, yo). If you live in Kitsap county and can’t find unscented aloe vera gel, it’s because of me. Which shouldn’t be a problemo since no one is getting sun-burned here in the Pacific Northwet because – THE SUN DOENS’T LIVE HERE.

I digress…

At one point when we were tasking madly, I said, “Eeeeps! I poured too much glitter!” Without skipping a beat Olivia replied, “I thought you could never have enough glitter, MOM.”

True that, and I love that girl. She alone holds a large portion of my inner sparkle in her smile.

Speaking of smiles… I was so nervous. Clearly.

The mic gave me comfort... [photo cred: the talented Trevor Christensen]

As much as I make this all about me… there were 7 other Ignite-ers. Grab a glass of wine or sweet tea, or double mocha (my personal poison)… settle in and view them all here… each are 5 minutes. You’ll love you chose to spend 40 or so minutes with these people.

Each was SO inspiring… and funny… and inspiring. Several of the ladies I consider dear friends.Β And can I just say — what an HONOR it was not only to have been asked to share part of my story, but to have been joined with such an astounding group of women (and one man!) I am honored and a wee-bit humbled. Actually a lot humbled.


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22 Responses to “Ignite at Evo – Ignite Your Inner Sparkle.”

  1. Jules says:

    That was awesome!

  2. Mikki says:

    You did GREAT!! Your inner glitter/sparkle just JUMPS out when you’re sharing with others!!!

    Awesome job!

  3. Tiffany Couch says:

    They only gave you 5 minutes? You needed the entire 40! What a reat job = loved it!!!!

  4. Chantelle says:

    Loved it! You inpsire!! And I agree – would have liked to listen to you for the whole 40!! πŸ™‚ [Oh and that girl from youth group… she was just jealous. Look at you. You’re GORGEOUS and a bag of chips!!] Sparkle on!

    • Thank you, Chantelle πŸ™‚ And yeah, that girl… I know now that her family situation was simply horrible… πŸ™ I have no hard feelings… But back then it made a big impact that still gnaws at me when I look in the mirror… or try to feel comfortable in my own skin. But learning how to push those things out of my mind, and having wonderful people in my life replaces the hurts shared in that presentation… and the ones I didn’t … {hugs}, my friend πŸ™‚

  5. Y says:

    Sparkle on, Sparkling Sparkler! I adore you. xoxo

  6. Can I just say- I love you?! I am so thrilled to see you sparkling and sharing it with others. I wish I could have been there. So awesome to see how this journey for you has developed over the past few years, and look forward to seeing all the places that your inner sparkle takes you!


    • Denise… You have always been such a source of loving encouragement. I wish you could have been there too… but God knew you needed to be home, and I was praying for you and your family… Love you bunches… xoxo

  7. Oh my goodness, I loved your talk! You rock!! I wanna go buy or make some glitter right now and bring my inner sparkle out now … who the heck cares what any of those naysayers say, right? Thanks for the dose of inspiration. I can’t agree more with show me yours and I’ll show you mine on this topic. Good work, Jenny!!

  8. Michelle W says:

    I think you easily could a job being a motivational speaker…with glitter.
    You were awesome. I wish I was there to cheer.
    But I wasn’t..so “YAY JENNY”.

  9. Oh honey…. that was so perfect. Loved hearing them laugh at you. I mean with you. You were fanfrickintastic!

  10. Mrs. Langworthy says:

    Mr. L paused El Rushbo to hear your video of glitter talk at evo — we listened, we smiled and I distinctly heard him chuckle at least three times. Thank you for adding sparkle to our lives (Hi, My Name is Mrs. Langworthy and I am a JotS enabler *sparkle*)

  11. teresa says:

    Sweet~Girl I LOVED it!
    So comforting to know that someone so close is igniting such a SPARK in LIFE!
    You SHINE bright!
    And are adorable while shining!
    Hugs from Bainbridge!

  12. meg duerksen says:

    this made me teary jenny!
    i love it.
    i need to see you!!!!!
    we need to meet up….i want to jump in a pool with my clothes on!
    and i just bought glitter 4 inch platform heels.
    cause it’s FUN!!

  13. Lu says:

    I so love my Jenny. I am proud of you!

  14. Wifey says:

    LOVED, LOVED, LOVED this. And, I needed it today.

    Winks & Smiles,

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