I tried to make a VLOG about NYC, but… KIDS.

by | Aug 6, 2012 | Video | 20 comments

I tried to make a VLOG about NYC, but…

Well, yeah – KIDS.

I am discovering I need to step up my vlog game or Lucy may end up stealing all my glory.

Or something.

Since I didn’t get to really tell you about NYC in my video, I want to share with you pictures of some food I ate.


We take pictures of our food because.


And when one goes to NYC, one should never return home without filling one’s belly with TWO things…

Falafel from a street vendor:


And pizza by-the-slice:

pizza face?

I have titled that picture, “Pizza Face”… for obvious reasons.

Have you ever been to NYC? What are your must-eat recommendations? Because I am totes going back.



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