Valentine’s Day with the Family

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The morning started early as my 7 year old climbed into bed, claiming she couldn’t sleep. I asked if she felt sick, she said, “No.”

Heh. Read on…

Valentine’s Day with the Family

Then my 4 year old, as she does most mornings.. .popped-up her little head from the side of my bed and asked, “Can I snuggle you, Mama?” I can’t say no to that. She’s only 4 for another month. She is my youngest, so this is the last month of my life I get to snuggle a four-year-old in bed. Snuggle away, princess!

Soon after Joel – my 10 year old climbed up on the end of the bed and announced, “HERE MOM AND DAD! I have a card for you!”

He gave us a Valentine card from his heart – he drew a battle scene from Halo.

Here is a picture of the flowers my husband gave me:

I LOVE tulips!

Here’s a picture of our “puppy” Kevin… wondering where his Valentine bone is:

Not unlike my 4 year-old, Kevin pops his head up at the side of my bed and wants to snuggle too. He thinks he’s human. He also loves to hold “hands”. 

Here’s a picture of the chocolate chip Valentine pancakes I made with love:

Here is not a picture of the vomit poor Livi puked onto the side of the road and floor of the mini-van on our way to church Valentine’s Day morning:

[picture of puke unavailable due to not a taking picture of said puke *gag*]


Olivia’s tummy ache was short lived, because by the evening she was ready for sundaes. You’d never know she still had a fever in this picture. Sundaes make everything better, and here is a picture of the kids making their Valentine sundaes:

As usual, Valentine’s Day was a bit like everyday in the Ingram household… a little adventure. Maybe Forest Gumps said it best, “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get.” If there was money in those words, we’d all be rich. And looking back on the day… I think I am.


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