I Should Be Ashamed. But It's Late and I Am Lacking Good Judgement.

by | Jan 10, 2011 | Life | 18 comments

Late + writing = over-sharing

And apparently, word problems.

Typically, Mondays are my “Make We Laugh” days, but I’m coming up tired blank.

I did laugh pretty hard recently when my friend told me something to the tune of “You have it all together.” She said something about my house always being clean.


*dying of laughter*

Sweet hallucinations deceptions mercies.

  • My house appears clean (operative words in italics), because you have only come over when I know you are coming over. And also, do not go into my bedroom.
  • Every night my husband and I have to unload my “pile of good intentions” off the bed so as to not sleep, etc… *ahem* on clean laundry, papers that need to be filed, hair clips, costume jewelry and miniature bags of coffee, business cards, and always at least one Flip camera.
  • My inbox(es). Don’t even start me.
  • In fact, my youngest’s poor teacher has to email me in ALL CAPS if she really needs a reply.
  • But it works.
  • The ALL CAPS
  • Not the horrible person part.
  • I got my eyebrows waxed the other day… and I swear I lost 5 pounds.
  • Who has time to tend eyebrows?
  • Or trim fingernails?
  • Don’t look at my fingernails, nor the fingernails of my children.
  • Please.
  • Wait.
  • Or DO, and while you do… make sure you have a pair of nail clippers handy… m’kay?
  • I get emails/texts and have conversations far too often with friends who ask, “What is the best way to get a hold of you?”
  • I have no idea. I haven’t returned my own phone call in weeks.
  • It’s true.
  • But I do I email myself to remind me of things only to end up cussing at myself for filling-up my inbox.
  • I AM A MESS.
  • I haven’t worn my retainer in 3 nights.
  • Because I haven’t cleaned it.
  • Ew.
  • My kids and their underwear… they ALL own a lion’s share of pairs of undies, yet… where is a clean pair?
  • I have said… true story ahead… “Turn them inside out. I’ll wash today. Promise.”
  • Desperate times, people… deseperate times…
  • I have heard back, “I turned them inside out 3 days ago. It’s just gross NOW, MOM!”
  • JUST NOW???
  • !!!
  • ?!?!?!?!?!
  • !!!!!
  • I think my days as head laundress are numbered.
  • Indeed.
  • The new low was at Christmas.
  • (Because 3 days of my child having to wear turned-inside-out undies was not low enough…)
  • When my beloved parents found themselves on my living room floor… sorting socks on my behalf. They nearly drowned.
  • In socks.
  • *feels shame*
  • I think they’d rather drown in money.
  • As would I.
  • They love me and I love them and I have never been more humbled in all my life.
  • Except maybe that time after giving birth to my first (29 hours, back labor, epidural expired… LONG story…) and at the “new-parent-check-out-class” the next day… the lady who GAVE BIRTH TO TWINS…
  • said, “OH. So YOU were the one screaming.”
  • She *had* to wait for me to get out of the delivery room (yes, there was only one delivery room) before she could deliver… and heard my every howl.
  • While she “breathed” and “focused”… I’m sure. And waited on me.
  • Oh….. and did I HOWL.
  • Hey, I’m good at something… and anyone who doesn’t howl in that kind of pain… is NUTS.
  • NUTS.
  • A person is not right in the head if one doesn’t let out a many-a-howl when passing A HUMAN.
  • *shivers*
  • Reminder: back labor… 29 hours… NO EPIDURAL… when I thought I had an epidural.
  • I was young. I was delirious…
  • I won’t share the rest… other than to say I am amazed I have any innards remaining inward.
  • You have no idea.
  • Or perhaps you do.
  • And if you do… I embrace you, my Sister.
  • I digress. Big surprise.
  • The socks…. my parents… being humbled and having it all together???

Matching socks for a family of five

Have it all together???

Clearly, not.

BUT… I DO have a good Mama and Daddy. Their love? The purest, deepest, unconditional love.

So, I guess I own them a huge thanks… for helping me perpetuate the image of “having it together”.

But let’s face it, if they didn’t, then THEY would look like bad parents… having a daughter who doesn’t have it together, so…

Mom. Dad. Can you come back? The basket is getting pretty full… Our reputation depends on it.




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